Thursday, May 10, 2012

A-Z Reflection

The a-z blogging challenge was fun and exciting for both of us. We really didn't think it was possible to have a rant for every letter of the alphabet but it turns out we have a lot to say. Who knew! We don't have a favorite rant because everything we write is from the heart, frustrations that were passionate about. The hardest letter to find a topic for was J- ? We found that Having to find a a topic for each letter was in some ways helpful to make it a point to blog that day. We have been slackers since so the challenge was a way to keep us regimented and focused. For us we'd love if there was some sort of challenge each month.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Z - "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"

" Hakuna Matata "
" Oo-de-lally "
"Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo"

These are fun phrases we love to say. They stick with you and just make you happy. Sometimes you may even find your self singing them over and over again throughout the day.  Gotta love Disney! Would love if they came up with a word for "You gotta fricking be kidding me!"

There it is the end of our rants on the  A-Z Challenge! This has been great fun, and were sad to see 'Z'
so "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" was a fitting choice for today.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Y- Yin and Yang

There is no better way to describe us. We complement each other, where Michelle's super enthusiastic and excited Christine is grounded and focused.  Where Michelle can have a thought spring to mind fully formed Christie can execute with ease.  The world needs yin and yang, opposites attract.

See you all tomorrow for our last day, Z came so fast!

Friday, April 27, 2012

X - Xanax a funny story.

Now you may have noticed we have a matter with the FDA & Big Pharma.  Our frustration mainly stems from chemically made drugs not antibiotics.  The conspiracy between pharmaceutical and doctors to write one drug over one that would be better less addicting less side effects over another.  That's another rant for another day.

Today were gonna rant & rave for xanax!  if you haven't taken this wonderful make the world better feel good drug, you should try it.  Did we just advocate taking drugs? NO you should not try it as unless under the supervision of your doctor, as it may be habit forming and harmful (there is our disclaimer).

That said if you find yourself under a great deal of stress full of anxiety panic and irritability and cannot access any marijuana, tell your doctor and they may script you xanax.  Neither of us have ever attempted ANY street drugs and xanax has only entered into our world when Michelle's husbands illness started to get progressively worse. 

Michelle's Funny Story:
I remember my first dose of xanax, ( you should not take drugs prescribed for anyone else and we don't recommend this but here's what happened).  My husband had just been admitted again. We had been on this ridiculous roller coster and I had a headache brewing that ran out of control.  Tylenol & Excedrin had not made a dent in the migraine that was taking me over.  After sleeping in a recliner beside my guy all night I woke up and had to vomit in the hospital bathroom.  My hubby the prince he is, then got himself outta his hospital bed and sat in the recliner while he was being transfused so that I could lay down and get the proper rest to rid myself of my incapacitation. 

As I lay in his bed as if I were the patient dying ( and that's exactly how i felt) and he sit in the chair like the doting caregiver support person, chipper, awake and watching TV like all would be just fine, in walks his mother, aunt and grandmother.  As this unfolds I think in my head, 'Jesus Christ'! really just who I need and just who I want to see me in bed while he's sick with cancer, this couldn't get worse. 

Of course the comments did fly, they can't help themselves.  "I thought he was the patient?" " I thought he was the sick one?"  Go f**k yourselves was the answer I wanted to fling back but didn't have it in me.  I never do when it comes to them I need to grow a set, but lets not get away from the story. 

After seeing me completely useless to their son, nephew, grandson, the attitude did change a bit to concern.  His aunt mentioned xanax that I should take one it'll get rid of my headache and get me back functioning.  His mother happened to have one on her.  They insisted I take it and I did and they left so we could rest.  After the pill was already down my throat and they were out the door my guy then turns to me and says "i really hope that was a xanax my mother gave you and she didn't give you something to kill ya!" 

Awe sweet! yeah I know - too bad he didn't think of that before i swallowed it!

None the less it took about a half hour and I felt tremendously better! Wondrous little drugs those xanax are!  Now I have a script but good for me I'm not an addict and only need one maybe once every two weeks when a panic about life in general sets in, or and extreme sadness comes over me. 

There you go our rant about xanax - hope you had a laugh.  We laughed and cried a bit while writing it! :-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W - Withdrawing from the banking system

How many of us have been victims of the ridiculously high unreasonable fees of our banks? I know we have!  ATM, over draft, and annual fees, what a racket. Really we completely understand the banks necessity to require fees, but it appears to us that these fees seem to only pray on average working families who are just getting by. 

We say this because really the amount of money banks make on overdraft fees alone totaled $31.6 billion last year, and the average over draft is $20. You know who paid those fees? You got it, regular average Americans.  Where's the sense in that?

Why should we continue to keep our hard earned dollars in the bank, to get charged $30 to $37 in overdraft charges?  Why should we? Where is the incentive anymore to keep our money in the bank? Oh wait maybe it's the .06 cents you'll make each month on interest.  We really still don't see the incentive.  The only good thing about keeping our money in the bank is convenience.  Direct deposit, debit MasterCard / Visa cards, checks.  But that's about it. You can get that now with a prepaid debit card. 

Granted if you have the fortunate circumstances to have investments, money available to you in multiple accounts,  make a larger then average salary and live more then comfortably then yes absolutely your money should be in a bank.  but as for those making practically just enough to pay bills, hit the store and put gas in the car, it might make more sense to withdraw from the banking system. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V - Valuable

We put so much 'value' into and on things but really lets think for a moment. What makes something valuable?

Is the monetary amount of something what makes it valuable? Is it the sentimental value of an item that makes it valuable? Does something even have to be a physical, actual, anything to have value?

We have always valued the simple things, things that most overlook.  Having a dishwasher, a washer & dryer in the house, a warm and comfy place too sleep, food in the closets, air conditioning, books! We can't even say that we have anything that is an actual something worth much of any monetary value! The sentimental value of objects that are worth NO amount of money and the value of things we can't touch to us, mean way much more! 

When my husband got sick everything of 'value' went out the window the only thing valuable that mattered to us was US! The kids, family, love, faith, hope, friends! Its so cliche to say but, when you really get down to the nitty gritty, having those things make you more rich and more special than ANY one physical valuable item. Now that hes in Heaven, each and every item that belonged to him to us is now valuable! Can't part with them no matter the worth.  Even the junk with no worth, baseballs that were in his car that his team played with every week can't be parted with.  They mean so much!

For me I hold very little valuable(things), it could be because I grew up with the thought and belief that physical things don't last forever. This belief can be attributed to the loss of a parent at a young age. I value my family, friendships, books (this is unexplainable) and the small daily pleasure that some don't think of ;-). I value my time, I think more than any one thing, I can never have enough time with my girls, to play, read, or just sit and be quiet.

If your house was on fire and everyone was safe and you had to save anything, what would it be?

I would of course grab his urn ( which i would actually make sure is out with the kids and the dog anyway) but I would grab our pictures. Irreplaceable memories.  HIS necklace charms,  items that have more value in my hand or with my kids then they would anywhere else.

I would run in and get my books, bad I know, I just love them.

The purpose behind our rant on Valuable, is just to get even one person to rethink whats important.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U - United?

United? How can this country call it's self the United States of America when we're so divided?!

Rich, poor.  Working class, privileged. Our country was founded on the thought that we all, with hard work and determination can achieve greater things and have more opportunities available to us than what was available to our founding fathers and ancestors at the time in their 'home' countries.  Which is why to this day many people choose to come here. 

That said with the election approaching, our primary is today.  If you have followed our previous posts you may have got the idea that we are prideful middle class Americans.  Who have both Republican and Democratic views.  If you are following our election you would see that according to polls the country is at an even split.  We as a country are very divided on the issues.  "United we stand and divided we fall" how many times have we heard this quote?  We cant help be see that as long as Americans remain divided so extremely on issues we will fall again.  We need to not be selfish as to not just think about what is good for one we must consider what is good for ALL.

One issue that jumps out at us among many is the incredibly high cost of food now and qualifications for food stamps. 

We are not talking about the people who abuse the system and thus take advantage of every hard working American we want to address the concern for the same hard working Americans that pay taxes and CAN'T qualify for benefits.  There are many people who desperately need assistance now not because they don't want to work and provide but because circumstance has been put on them that restricts their ability to properly provide for their families.  Are these cases and families not exactly whom welfare assistance is meant to help. 

We saw this article, Food Stamp Challenge that states there are government officials who are currently attempting to buy and live on $35 a week for a food allowance.  We applaud them, we can't appreciate that they (people we put in office) have a genuine understanding for the needs the voters have unless they have experienced our daily struggles for themselves. We hope that this will prove that there is no way possibly to eat, let alone eat healthy on $35 a week.

This country is in crisis - the government needs to put a freeze on food costs and give breaks to farmers on gas & shipping costs , feed etc...; in order to give the the American middle class a chance to catch up. maybe then so many families that have been hit by the financial breakdown wont NEED food stamps. Perhaps another solution is to guide the American public with incentives to but direct from their local farmers. Better still local governments should support and influence their communities to create their own gardens to help with supply and demand.  Trust us a salad made fresh from your own garden tastes much better and is much better for you.  Salad should not come in a bag.

As long as our government insist on throwing crap on top of us well never dig out! Hope this experiment yields the results expected!

Monday, April 23, 2012

T - Tired of Two Faced-ness

Yes we just made that word up!  We all have at least one of these despicable intolerable persons in our lives.  A family member, acquaintance (wouldn't want to call these people friends) co worker, colleague.  Being in there presence just erks you right?

They are untrustworthy, sneaky, conniving, manipulative, believing them selves self righteous, ignorant somethings. 

But to be in their presence and engage them in what ever way, does that make us also two faced? Or are we simply just being the better persons as our mothers say?  Beating them at their own game by not letting them see that we have their number and that they are not phasing us in the least when really, we are screaming inside and cant wait to discuss the encounter with those dearest to us.  Does that make us any better then the two faced people which we speak or make us also two faced?  Now that's something to think about!

We have encounters with these people EVERYDAY!!! Sometimes we find ourselves walking upon these individuals and looking at each other like 'Oh yikes we can't avoid this'! We already know since these people are untrustworthy that somehow our encounter will be twisted.  You have to watch specifically what you say cause the words will be twisted. 

AHHHH really hate these people.  They are so phony! They talk about you, treat you as if you were a bastard and then when they see you its like they forget their actions and all of a sudden your their best friend! 

If you think we may be writing this with a specific persons or person in mind... YOUR RIGHT!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S - Stress & ......Sex

Stress - one of the most undesirable parts of life. Who wants it? - We don't think any one just raised their hands!

Stress at work.  Am i doing well? How can I do better? I have to do better! I need to only bring positive attention to myself! Not to mention the jerks you have to work with that makes every day easy stuff, hard! How did these people get hired? And management! Yikes! If your burdened with a crap manager, we send you lots of hugs. We hate management that bully's, scares and pressures employees for production.  Don't these people know that stress breeds cranky, and that in most cases produces the exact opposite results.  Management is supposed to guide, support, and encourage! This breeds happy, happy employees = productive employees, or at least this has been our experience. 

Stress at home.  This really stems from time management, playing chauffeur, head chef, maid, mom, wife or husband the list goes on. We don't know anyone who doesn't have to play this weekly game ( its so much fun NOT), lets not forget lack of sex. Lack of sex usually comes from exhaustion and just being unhappy & STRESSED. 

Sex- one of the most desirable parts of life. Who wants it?  We can just see all the hands that went up, ours did!

Our solution or potential solution- SEX! What will be, will be! Move with the flow of the stream of life, we're not Salmon, you can't and shouldn't swim against the current.  Trust that your exactly where you're meant to be at this exact moment. So have sex, lots of sex, as much as you can, wherever you can, if you're brave.
The act relaxes you, revitalises you, makes everyone involved happy.... and we already said happy breeds happy. One of us is super happy, and de-stressed on a regular basis, but this is not possible for everyone for example the other half of this duo, the widow who had a very regular sex life has now been with out for about 17 months that's approximately 510 days ahhhhh - (well at least not physical sex or affection of any kind but that's another story).  So you gotta at least get off how ever you can to release some endorphins. Some suggestions are get an adjustment, a massage, a bob (battery operated boyfriend), something.  

Stress is all in perspective you can have it and multiply it or wooosaaaa - and send it packing!

We also just want to mention that snarky is just such a great  S word - but there's not too much to say about it! Plus we said we would write about stress or sex, so we gave you all both.

Friday, April 20, 2012

R- Rushing

Were forever rushing! This goes hand in hand with our procrastination post for 'P'.  We constantly have to put things on hold cause were rushing around doing other stuff. 

Absolutely love when people ask, you rushin? Cause we love to answer no were not Russian were Italian! Ha ha ha.  Have to laugh out loud!  :-) 

Rushing today because, one of us has a daughter receiving 1st communion on Sunday. Busy making butterfly cookie favors, need to run to the store, pick up the kids from school, need to clean up, hit dance practice, cook dinner, clean again.  No time for an insightful post today. 

Please check back tomorrow to read our rant on stress or sexuality.  Haven't decided yet.  Well have to wait to see what moves us for the day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q - Questions - Funny ones our kids ask!

Mommy Why?

The grass is wet! Is it the tree's saliva? (it's morning dew)

Mommy, why is it so soggy in here? ( the windows were fogged & sweating )

Mommy, whats the biggest fish? I don't know.  Can you look it up in that big book? Which big book? The you know the bible! (  I think that meant encyclopedia )

Mommy, do Mommies lay eggs to have their babies?

Mommy, why is a giraffe's tongue black?

Do girls pee from their butts, since they sit down?

Mommy, how come i can't have wine? Jesus did.

Mommy, are we going to need a boat like Noah? The news said there is going to be a flood.

Mommy, how come you have to put the car in "D" to make it move? Doesn't go start with "G"!!

Mommy, who's Howard?  ( Howard be thy name! )

Mommy, why are we up? It's still dark outside!

Why are elves ears pointy?

Do brown cows really make chocolate milk? Grandpa says they make chocolate milk!

Is that Jesus' mother singing up in the balcony?

Mommy, how can I talk to someone all the way over here and hear them right away on the phone?

Mommy, how come you have to put a K in front of nife? This makes no sense!

There are countless more!  They make any day better! Share with us some of the funny questions you have had to answer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P- Procrastination

Procrastination - We are kinda big on this, though really are awesome planners things still somehow are done at the last minute.  Even this post its 9:08pm and were just getting to it.  Mean while all day we have done nothing but rant about people complaining about their problems and that they really should give it up already.  Come on, if your complaining about the same 'problems' more then twice a week, FYI, everyone is probably tired of hearing about it as they too have likely the same problems.  Hating their spouse for the day, trying to manage finances, car trouble, their job sucks, it goes on. 

Remember there are people with serious issues, real problems, like ummm ... being homeless, being homeless with their kids, not having food in the fridge or closet, being just hit with a natural disaster, fighting a life threatening disease.  Really compared with real issues, having to have to drive through traffic from construction on your morning drive to work is a walk in the park!

We are the first to say everyone is entitled to your day to complain- we are "ranters" - but check yourself every once in a while, is all were saying.

Back to procrastination, we have discussed topics all day to write about, patience.  One of us has NONE! In fact one of the last things my husband said to my mother, while he was in hospice was that I have no patience.  Really I go from zero to a thousand, yes a thousand in less then a second OK maybe 5 seconds but I definitely over shoot 100!!! Ive been workin on it- for the last 17 years or so now.

And again back to procrastination, see this is what happens we put things off and put things off and get distracted and put things off and get lazy and put things off and decide oh lets watch Mob Wives before we have to get the kids, and then now its 9:19pm and we have just actually discussed procrastination. 

Done! Good night!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O- Oh say can you see?

The American dream or really the American myth? We are brought up to believe that anything is achievable, we can do all things. It's this hope that leaves us complacent and willing to work harder and longer. We grow up thinking that we will do better than our parents, have more, not have to struggle with life and living life.

The truth is that the rags to riches story is a one in a million scenario.  Unless you are born into a life a privilege, the odds are completely stacked against you.

What is the dream?  To own your home, be able to comfortably pay your bills, provide all that your children need without having to struggle, feed them healthy food (not just what can be afforded) have a steady job where you are appreciated at, go on vacation once a year.  These are all things that can be done through hard work and determination.  Or can it?

How many hard working determined people have now lost their jobs their homes all they have worked for in achieving this dream? Is this just bad luck? Too often it feels like no matter how hard you try to get your family to the next level, how good your idea is, that you play cautiously, your still doomed to fail.  Your social class, your credit rating prevents you from being able to hold onto that 'dream' or even from achieving it. 

Everyday, people fall on hardships, things that they have no control over or had no hand in creating. For example a sick spouse, the housing market crashing, loosing your job, things that no amount of planing can prepare you for. Now you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck, you can't get a job, you have medical bills, and can't get a loan to pay anything off because of your credit score & house having no equity. No one person is immune to these things, but the American dreamers the ones who have attained the unattainable, they are the people who seem to be hit hardest in this time of economic distress.

Our hard earned tax dollars were used to bail out banks from their mess. Yet the same curtiousy is not being driected back to the people who worked hard to bail them out.  Really, if you use the same scale to which "WE" are deemed fit for a loan the banks themselves should have been denied the bail out they were given.  "They" being, the banks and goverment officals have made bad decisions that have cost us being, the American people dearly.  And for us making a bad decision or falling on hardship now feels like an almost forever burdon.  We do understand that the bank bail out had to be, that said, it would only seem fair to lower in some respect the qualifications to be approved for a loan. The banks Should not hold you to a standard that doesnt exist anymore!

In the end we suppose, the only thing that matters is a loving family, respect and admiration. Not what you have or didn't have. But, that doesn't mean we all wont try and all shouldn't have equal opportunities to achieve the American dream!

Monday, April 16, 2012

N - Nasty on a nice day

  Sometimes when I wake up I have a short moment when my reality is blurred. Some days I think my husband is still alive some days I think its Friday when its Monday silly things like that.  I had one of those reality checks this morning.  As I lay in bed I hear the weather channels local on the 8s report that we expect plentiful sunshine, warm high 88 degrees. Question, you think that's a real mans voice or a computer generated one? Anyways, I thought for a moment are they on summer vacation, why did I waste a perfectly good morning to sleep in by setting the alarm clock! i patiently waited again for another 10 minutes to hear the forecast again. Yep 88 degrees and nope not on summer vacation. To put that into perspective on 2007 we had 10 inches of snow on this day.  As I stretched I thought in my mind all my plans for the day.  I can't even remember what they were now, because as soon as my feet hit the floor for some reason misery kicked in.  I dunno why either. Typically people say a sunny day brings out sunny people.  Nope not here, not today.  Neither of us were in a decent mood. We were for some reason both frumpy, nasty, cranky, cloudy, moody, all day! We did go for a walk first thing after our kiddlets caught the bus ( they didn't actually catch it that would be dangerous but you get what we mean ). The scene was beautiful, birds swooping past us and chirping away, butterflies flitting all about, squirrels hopping through yards, deer strolling along. It was peaceful, quite, but for some reason didn't fix the mood. 

Still dunno why we both felt so nasty on such a nice day, but here's hoping tomorrow is much better.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M- Mitt Romney/Mom's

So apparently some democratic analyst made a stupid remark about Mitt Romney's wife, saying that she’s never worked a day in her life because she’s a stay at home mom. Now we can see both sides of this coin. If you've read back to our intro post, you know that there is one of us from each party, and we have some views that cross party lines (really we're just American). We are middle class stay at home moms, one who happens to have the privilege of working from home at her discretion, and has also worked out of her home for several years before that blessing was bestowed on her.

Stay at home moms work very hard we don’t sit home all day and watch talk TV. Now I don’t know the woman personally but I would bet that based on Mitt Romeny’s wife’s social class she did how ever have a bit more help in her daily routines then most average stay at home moms. But none the less that doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything. The other side of this argument is that it wasn’t meant to insult (stay at home moms) as if we have no idea about economics. I think almost every mom & wife knows plenty on the subject because whether we stay at home or add working out of the home to our daily activities we ALL have to be the house chef (so we know all about the rising cost of food), we all are the banker (so we know that there is not enough money to cover expenses and need to balance the funds that are available somehow), we are the caretakers who have to run the kids to the doctors or ourselves (when there is no health insurance and cry that there’s no money to pay for this visit or script) oh and the small matters of mortgage modifications, foreclosures and qualifying for welfare cause someone was just laid off. These are just some examples of what today’s mom/wife has on her plate.

Young or old, no matter which party you are a part of, if you’re of the middle class you know these hardships whether you are a stay at home mom or not. We can’t imagine for one minute that Mrs. Romney ever had to worry about if the electric was going to get cut off cause they had to choose to pay that or the water bill this month. Perhaps she did have these difficulties we are making an assumption, we don’t know where to find her life story, but this comment this analyst made doesn’t affect our votes one bit. The media is a bunch of shit stirrers.

Friday, April 13, 2012

L- Legalizing Drugs

Legalizing drugs has been a hot topic for years.
To be clear we've ever done any illegal drug ever. One of us has never even been drunk. Sad we know but that's not our topic today.

Really we could give a flying fig if anyone wants gets high. What is it any of our business unless of course you live in our home or you are our kids. Other then that go ahead get as high as a kite if you like.

If the government would legalize drugs in our opinion it could actually improve a lot of crime and pull us outta our financial hole the government put us in. Think about it. People are gonna buy drugs legal or not. The money that is spent on illegal drugs is not taxed.

So should someone want to buy marijuana, cocaine, meth whatever let them and have them pay taxes just like on alcohol and tobacco.  Like the FDA really gives a shit about people taking illegal drugs. They approve pharmaceuticals with side-effects and that are potentially deadly all the time! There should be a data base where you have to sign your name each time you make a purchase just like when you pick up your perceptions at the pharmacy. When you have reached a certain level each week or month you'll be cut off just as when you've drank too much at a bar.

This should also reduce street related drug crimes cause they can't push the stuff on the street so they can't shoot each other over it. I'm sure they'll find another reason to kill each other but drugs won't be it.

It will create jobs and generate more tax revenue. It's not like it will put Big Pharma outta business either since they would need some of the drugs they make anyway to make the illegal stuff.

Really think that congress should look into it.  If we were running this would definitely be on our agenda! :-)                       

Thursday, April 12, 2012

K - Kindness

It takes more energy to be evil and nasty then it is to be kind.  Little things make a persons day a bit brighter and in turn your day becomes brighter too. 

Just as misery loves company, happy multiplies too.  Pay it forward.  There's an insurance company that has a commercial like that now where one person sees another do something nice and they then do something nice for someone else and it goes on.  There is truth to this. 

The smallest act of kindness could make the world of difference to someones day.  Holding the door for someone else or the elevator or letting someone go ahead of you in the grocery store with a screaming baby, these small almost insignificant acts of friendliness can somehow manage to lift a weight off someones shoulders. 

If only people would put more effort into being nice, kind, friendly & considerate the world would be less toxic and more tolerable.

So be kind - er    :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J- Jumping Jellybeans

We have no long rant about J- nothing - total blank - nothing comes to mind.
We lie, lots of topics came to mind, but nothing that we can have a hard rant over.

Jewelry- we haven't got any in a long while.

Judgmental - we really are ( we are trying to be better at it - sometimes)

Juvenile delinquents - here's a topic to spend sometime on.  We pray hard that none of our children are juvenile delinquents.  Where we live these trouble makers are out in groups as soon at its above 65 degrees.  They run a muck, have no respect, think they can do whatever they please.  They have no sense of consequence or care to.  We constantly wonder, don't their parents teach them right?  They must do as they see, or do they?  Really here is a bit of a secret so shhh don't tell - when they don't wanna move out of the street cause they think they don't have to, one of us outta this pair will speed up and barrel past them just to prove a point.  Bad I know but they enrage me. 

Jealousy - yeah we leak some of that too, cant help it.  Its frustrating to see people achieving goals (with little effort ) really if they work hard they deserve it.  Seeing people travel all the places we wish we could go, ugh that one sucks. Oh and for the widow I go completely green and ache with envy when i see happy couples, complete couples, daddies with their kids, husbands with their wives, women having babies.  Sigh it depresses me and I envy their happiness. 

Junk food- right now would really like a peanut butter & hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cups chocolate sprinkles & whip cream.  We have given up junk food as best we can - we have a very strong feeling that the cure for cancer is in preventing it.  Thus if God didn't put it here to be eaten don't eat it.  This is hard to do but we do our best.  But if were on the topic, oh how we love Doritos or nachos & cheese too. 

There you go we didn't have one long rant for "J" but ended up with a few tiny ones.  :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I- In laws

So in our worlds our in laws are  not our friends.  We don't have a good relationship even.  Think its more of a 'I'll tolerate you, you tolerate me' relationship. 

Specifically the widow here, yeah, my in laws have dropped off outta existence since my husband passed away.  I mean no calls, no texts, no Christmas presents, Easter baskets. You know, forget the presents there has been no concern to check on them.  Bizarre behavior.  I feel very unwelcome and can feel the negative energy flooding my way. 

While my guy was alive if there was a squabble or issue he would always say don't worry about them. Don't let them bother you.  I'll take care of it.  So in retrospect he was a buffer and maybe they never liked me and he just didn't want me to know.  I don't know. Maybe ill never know. Maybe I don't want to know.  I do know however its much harder to deal with them with him gone, then ever when he was alive. 

The other side of the in law coin is my families additions. My brothers wives and cousins husbands.  These people seem much more easier to get along with.  That's not to say we don't bother each other at times. But if we have a spat its easily forgotten and we can sit together for cake and coffee 5 minutes later. 

Perhaps if they were writing this they may feel differently but that's my thoughts on it.  Maybe it has to do with the son's somehow.  Daughters tend to stay around family and what not while the sons are dragged to their wives families.  Which in one respect is a bother. I would definitely like to have my brothers and sister-in-laws and nephews around much more but at least we can be in one place and have a good time with no one feeling uncomfortable and unwelcome. We always have a great time.

I lie. There was a few months when I really couldn't be bothered with my sister in law but were way past that now. In fact that's what happens. Even when my cousins and I fight we never have to hash it out again to get over it, we just get over it. But my husbands family, there a rough bunch they hate each other for years before they get over something.  Actually, (separate mini rant here ) not until my husband died had they all decided to put crap aside and get along.  For all the years I'm apart of that family never once had all of them been getting along at one time! Really feel like 'oh my god people really? My husband had to die and the kids had to loose their daddy for you all to love each other!'  There I think I'm done.

So there you go - the rant (run on rambling) on the in laws.

H - Healthy Body Image

We are both mothers of young children.  Between the two of us there are 3 girls 6, 8 & 10.  Both of us are healthy thick woman who love our curves. We are very conscious about using the words fat big or diet around the girls. There is enough pressure from the outside world, they don't need it from us.  There was a period of time only a few years back when everything was skinny, bony, heroin chic.  Who finds that attractive?  Most men we speak to like a woman with meat on them.  You should love your curves.  Embrace them.  Work them to your advantage when necessary :-)  We don't want the girls or any girl for that matter to look at themselves with an unhealthy body image.  Society puts this stigma on our girls about weight and looks.  its wrong! Tthat's why kids grow up screwed up.  They think they don't fit the stereotype and they desperately want to be accepted.  Big is beautiful.  The idea society needs to convey its not the weight (entirely- we do understand that a good weight is important ) but more important its health.  Eating good, being active, before looks and sizes. 

Side Note: Sorry we're late, no school throws us off track

Saturday, April 7, 2012

G - God

Our topic may be appropriate or inappropriate considering tomorrow is Easter Sunday and all. Guess it would depend on your view of things.  We have not kept the secret that we are proclaimed Catholic Hypocrites.  We feel most Catholics are hypocrites, they just don't realize this but that's another rant.

Who is God? Is he an energy? A physical being? A woman? Could their be more then one? 

When we pray, think of Heaven or anything 'Divine'  we first think God.  Not Jesus, but God, the energy, being, man or woman who created all, Jesus included. This does not mean we don't think Jesus wasn't a savior, our savior, a significant person or divine being. We just happen to be more spiritual than religious, which means we recognize the top guy, he who reins supreme, the creator etc.. before recognizing his son, the holy spirit, the blessed mother and those alike.  We very heavily believe in Heaven, Angles, Divine Beings, blessed gifts (healing, physic, .....) We believe nothing is by chance, and everything is woven and controlled by something greater then ourselves.  This is a whole system for us with God as president of the operations (so to speak).
There are too many Ancient Gods throughout too many different cultures through so many years that have too many similarities to look past that there has always been God, Gods etc... We as a society have developed many religions to explain our beliefs, but that’s actually very complex its easier then that. The belief in God is much simpler then any religion can teach. 

{There are many sub topics on this thought of ours that we could go on and on. But needed to keep this thought as strait and narrow as possible.  It took a lot of effort to not get ourselves off course.  We love this topic and you can read more of our thoughts about it in our past rants.  We have lots more to say and were certain there will be future rants on the subject in the future. } 


Friday, April 6, 2012

Friends' a F word

With Facebook being the second most used F word, we all have lots and lots of "Friends".  For me a friend is someone whom you can call at 3am when you need a boost, knowing that they will climb out of their warm beds to help you.

Friendships flow and change into what you need them to be. Friends don't need to see you to think about you or have a conversation everyday to pick right up where you left off.  Sometimes however the friends you think would be at your side through the worst of trials end up falling short of expectation. Surprisingly people who never enter your realm of consciousness, who you never give second thought to, who you don't think of at all ever -  will sometimes step to the plate and rise to the occasion and BAM new friendships are born. 

It really does not matter the length of a friendship, some last for years and years and others are just a blip in your life, but all of them have changed us.  Every person in our life has been put there for a specific purpose. A true friend will let you vent, and take all your abuse you may have to give for the day if only for the sake of helping you get through it.  Likewise a true friend will put you in your place if your behavior gets a bit outta control.  And a true friend will still give you a hug sit and have coffee with you no matter the days events. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

E - Easter

Its not news that this Sunday is Easter Sunday.  Though maybe there is one that forgot so to you yes this Sunday is Easter Sunday. ( Go ahead panic)

There is so much to do.  Easter has become as crazy as Christmas.  Maybe we feel that way cause were older and now have families of our own and with the rising cost of EVERYTHING Easter basket building is as expensive as the Christmas gift giving.  But we love it. 

We have traditions for the Easter holidays as do most.  One of us always makes a ham, one always makes our families Easter bread.  We hide eggs go to church and spend hours around the kitchen table. 

Though traditions we celebrate we always have, we feel they should not change, that's why they are traditions. But they do change.  The company we both are used to receiving to join our hours of holiday fun have dwindled and its frustrating. 

There are few times a year anymore that friends and family you don't typically get to sit and have dinner with get to come over and spend time, and it seems those times a year are becoming even more few.  What can you do?  They are all always welcome& our doors are always open. (hope theres no thieves reading this, just in case they are not actually always open its a figure of speech lol )

Never the less we will be enjoying our holiday fun, no matter how many or few decide to join us.

Happy Easter  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D- Diversity

We've wanted to touch on diversity for a while and since it's a D word what better time than today. Oh how we hate to receive new school registration forms or any forms for that matter that insist on asking if the applicant is White, Black, Hispanic, Native American or Pacific Islander. 
That said let the rant begin.

We both come from multicultural backgrounds as do many Americans.  We are of  Italian, Latin American, German, and Polish ancestries and have both married men who are of Latin heritage also. We indirectly are also influenced by Irish, Turkish & Jamaican cultures as well as various religious beliefs have all become part of our family trees.  One of us is proud to have an adoptive brother too.  To say we are a melting pot is an understatement.

If you are confused, understand that White and Black are characteristics.  While Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander are all Cultures! How is it that our government has not caught on to this yet?!  Black and white do not define a person they are simply adjectives used to describe their appearance.  You can be Haitian and be black, French and be black, you can be from Central or South American and be black.  You can be from Spain and be white, you can be from any country in Africa and be white.  And just because your country may be in Africa doesn't make you African.  Example Egypt, in Africa but they are considered "Middle Eastern."

When we have to check these boxes we think none of these options fit us or our children and really they shouldn't have to fit any group anyway.  Should they?

We have actually met people who have defined themselves as Black or White with no idea of what culture, heritage, ancestry they belong.  This is frustrating.  What are we teaching people?  Have we not grown as a society to put culture before color?  And again how does our own country, our own government, still want us defined as such? 

There is something very wrong with this picture!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C - Children

Were quite certain that were not alone when we say what the heck is wrong with kids these days!? Better still whats wrong with the parents of these kids!?  Now were not saying our children are perfect but we do want to take a moment and rant about others children and their bad habits we cant control.

Sometimes we wish we could be 7 again, just to be able to teach a thing or two to some wise mouth little snot noses! Perhaps give them a beating too!

We try very hard to hold our children and ourselves to a high standard.  Be polite, courteous, helpful, respectful, strong, caring, to stand up for themselves and others, and to set an example.  Move out of the street when a car is coming, pick the kid everyone else would pick last, first, not to pick on friends. 

How do children now get away with yelling at strangers, older or younger then them?  How do young boys not know when to stop annoying the girls?  How do elementary school kids not know when they are hurting someones feelings?

These are not traits learned in school, these are traits learned or at least not corrected at home!  Enough is enough! We understand we cant raise or police every one's children but come on... these trouble makers do effect the good ones! 

Its been our experience, and there are exceptions to this but for the most part if the parents are non productive members of society, or not respectful, kind, polite, caring, then their offspring wont show these traits either. 

We teach our kids that if you show others kindness they will learn to show it in return.  This is not always true, especially when you have no choice but to interact with losers.  - this really is a rant :-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

B - Baking

So we have this little project we do for holidays and special occasions.  We bake.  We bake to support cancer prevention research.  My husband passed away last March from Medullary Kidney Carcinoma, an extremely rare kidney cancer which there is no treatment for. 

The doctors had used conventional kidney chemo to treat his cancer and was successful but, his cancer grew back quite quickly after his surgery.  The doctors told us we would have to hang on for a new treatment option to be developed.  Those who know me will tell you I have zero patience.

I had always baked holiday cookies and had always had requests for them from family & friends.  So I thought to myself, - Self, lets sell our cookies to raise money to find my guy a cure!

Sadly we never got to follow through as he passed away not 6 weeks after the idea came to mind.  In this time I struck a great friendship with my fellow ranter :-).  She had also baked for as long as she could remember selling her custom cakes.  My family and friends insisted that I still pursue my idea to sell my cookies to help find a cure for Eds cancer. Its what he would want.  So we have.  We sell home baked Italian and traditional cookies, made with our own family recipes!

This is a photo showing a sampling of our Italian Mix:  Sesame, Raspberry, Jelly Sandwich, Wedding, Sprinkle, Rainbow, Aunt Susan's & Chocolate Dipped.

I am very connected with my husband and I feel strongly from my husband that the cure for cancer is in the prevention of it.  Our project is called Kookies for a Kure.   Proceeds from our project support cancer prevention research and we attach a cancer prevention fact with each order.  This is very therapeutic and in some way fulfilling.  I feel there is a purpose in all things and its with that thought that we bake happily to help possibly save someone else from developing this disease.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Annoying things people say when someone dies.

I have had the heartbreaking pleasure to hear the most un-comforting words of sympathy in the days of my husbands passing.

You'll love again.
You'll find someone new.
Your young yet.
He was a good man.
The loss of a child is worse then the loss of a husband. (yes someone said this to me someone quite close actually)
How are you doing?
Oh it's gets easier.
He's with god now.
I know how you feel.
You'll be OK.

These words do not bring comfort. How the hell you think I'm doing! Really did you just ask me this? Why would I think of loving again? This is the furthest thought from my mind! Unless you too lost a spouse you don't know how I feel! I don't care if he's with God now, I want him here with me & the kids! No grief is the same, it doesn't make me feel better that I lost a husband instead of a child! I don't want my pain to get easier so do assume I want it too! It doesn't give me comfort to think in time my hurt or thoughts of him will be less! My youth doesn't matter at all! Seventy year old widows find others to spend time with and get comfort from and sometimes even re marry. Whatever, it's what they want. My age is not a factor!  He IS a good man! Only his body is gone his soul still exists! His soul was before he had a body and his soul will continue to be!  

If you take one thing away from this rant it should be that if you find yourself in the uncomfortable place to have to comfort someone grieving sometimes nothing needs to be said, a simple hug says enough.                                                              

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shame on us

We have been very neglectful of our blog and to readers and lurkers a like. The cleanse is over! Yay!W Food wise we've stuck to it, just adding some turkey and chicken here and there. What is amazing is that we don't miss the junk! Yes it is wonderful to know we can finally eat what we want but the idea is you always want what you can't have. We've both experienced 10+ weight loss, woo hoo! Both feeling strong healthy more energy then normal.  We hope to continue this healthy lifestyle.  This is not easy.  It takes conscious choices and effort.  There are results and we are expecting to have healthier bodies free from diseases that are caused by things going into our bodies that our creator never intended to be there.  We expect to influence our children with our new found philosophy's and hopefully set them up for healthy lives that God willing will be free from avoidable diseases. We've learned about crappy processed foods and to eat fresh stuff every day is 100% healthier for your body.  We can live without salt and bread (mostly) and still have not drank milk or have had cheese or yogurt since February 21st!
This is a lifestyle we encourage everyone to try, it will not disappoint!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Screw favorite things.... lets talk about favorite foods

So since we cant eat our favorite foods we've spent a lot of time thinking about them. The more we think about the foods we love to eat the longer the list gets! So we thought we might get some therapy outta sharing them.

Lets talk about cheese. You might not realize how much of this wonderful goodness you eat until you cant. Shredded cheese or any cheese for that matter on salad, or chili. Cheese and crackers. Cheese on tacos. Mozzarella dipped in gravy simmering on the stove. Cheese on a tuna fish sandwich, cheese on eggs, cheese steak sandwich. Cheese on macaroni and the monster of cheesy things pizza.

Lets take a moment here and talk about macaroni & pizza. These are terribly bad but oh so delicious.
Pizza- thin or thick crust, Neapolitan or Sicilian, it don't matter. Give us pizza any day. Oh and we can't forget calzones! Some days we cant decide which we enjoy more. Macaroni- were do we begin? How bout your simple spaghetti & meatballs or linguine olio with some chicken franchise. Oh wait shrimp fra diavolo, baked ziti, penne a la vodka or rigatoni carbonara.

Lets not forget the basics. Steak & burgers. Burgers done medium well dripping with all its goodness with cheese ketchup mayonnaise lettuce & onions. Oh n if were gonna talk about burgers we cant forget fries. Cheese fries chili fries loaded fries sweet potato fries.  Steak- bloody juicy A1saucey! Its not all about cow, pig is awesome too, bacon, crispy fried, on a sandwich or with breakfast, pork chops, pulled pork sandwich, BBQ ribs.

And chicken. Chicken cutlets freshly fried or they are just as delicious cold the next day.
Oh and cant forget the cold cut hero. Let us count the ways to enjoy a deli sandwich.  Call it what you will a hero a sub no difference to us, the choices are limitless. And we must mention the incredible peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ooey gooey smooth peanut butter sweet grape jam smothered between soft honey wheat bread, oh my!

Cant leave out our  Puerto Rican favorites, pernil simple white rice & stewed red beans,pastelitos, alcapurrias, carne guisada.

To finish our delectable dreamy rant on our favorites it is important to not forget dessert. Ohhh dessert. Chocolate mousse with chocolate graham cracker crumbs, dark chocolate covered almonds & triple chocolate brownies warm outta the oven.  Chocolate chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, jelly sandwich cookies, walnut wedding cookies, rainbow cookies.  ( It does not help that we fill ordes for cookies for our Kookies for a Kure fundraising)  Cheese cake oh so smooth creamy rich & decadent. Ice cream cake, vanilla & chocolate with whipped topping and cookie crunches in the middle. Peanut butter & hot fudge ice cream sundaes!

now that were through with that, we must name some new favorites, like grilled eggplant, spaghetti squash, vegetable soup & home made apple sauce!

Day 10 & Day 11

Day 10, was a snow day, and we just stuck to our plan, but nothing exciting happened, but today is Day 11, and if you've been reading ya know what the means, MEAT!!!! reading that you'd think we get to eat a  big steak or something juicy, but really we get to have about 2 chicken tenders or something around that size. It's a feast for us, considering we have had not meat, dairy, bread, grains, for 11days.

Today we are having
fruit for breakfast
sp complete shake, made with frozen fruit
veggie soup with turkey
sp complete shake, made with frozen fruit
turkey burgers with peppers and onions

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 9, not much going on

Would really like to not get up before the alarm.  We still have lots of energy & feeling good. but not much to say, we miss food. Don't get us wrong we are eating, almost every twenty minutes there is something going in our mouths, but its not satisfying. we are not feeling like we sat down and had a meal. we are committed, and will follow through, just want to whine a little.

Today we had,
Fruit for breakfast
SP Complete shake, made with blueberries and banana
Grilled veggies for lunch
Sp Complete Shake, make with pineapple
Mixed vegetable stir fry

lots and lots of water.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hug your children every chance you get

Just read about the school shooting in Ohio.  This is not the first school shooting and sadly it probably wont be the last.
When you send your child to school you have an automatic thought of safety.  You know you'll see them when they come home.  Who thinks you'll send your kid to school and they wont come home.   This goes both ways.  You can send your child to school and when they get home you may not be there.  These are things we don't consider each day.  We go about blind to realities that for some, tonight will not come for some, tomorrow will not come. 

Don't take your loved ones for granted love them every second you get.

Day 7 and 8 are we done yet!

OK so day seven, was not great. While stir fry was on the menu for us, others in our family had....steak covered in A1 sauce, baked potatos, smoothed in butter, and ice cream cake. Yesterday was very unsatisfying. We had, fruit for breakfast, quick salads for lunch, stir fry for dinner and our 2 shakes were made with mixed berries.

Oh day 8, still feeling dissatisfied. Nothing is filling. We are counting down the days till 11. When we can have some meat, yayyyy meat. The more we think about foods we can't have the more we want them, the list is long. We need to get over this hump.

Today We are Having
8:30 Fruit
10:30 SP Complete Shake made with pineapple
12:30 Salad
5:00 Dinner, grilled eggplant and mixed veggies
7:30 SP Complete shake Made with fruit

Snacking on fruits and veggies through out the day, and pleanty of water

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frig those Friggin Plows

I know theres not anyone who doesn't have this gripe with the plow men.  Do they not have any courtesy?  They come down the street they can clearly see the drive way is clean free from any snow. And what do these friggers do?
They must get a joy out of it.  A little chuckle with each driveway they plow back in. Wonder if after the day is done they go our for drinks and boast about who plowed in more people!

Day 6

Things are pretty simple today. Still getting up way before necessary but feeling good and having lots of energy. 

This morning again our fruit.
Lunch was red cabbage salad.
Dinner Quinoa & Wild rice medley with sauteed spinach. 
Pineappe & mixed fruit for our shakes.

Not finding ourselves hungry maybe the stomachs are shrinking too!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Boy It's Day 5

This morning the scale was calling and one of us succumbed and then didn't even believe it. It was like taking a pregnancy test, you get the + but go back three times to make sure. The scale was not lying 10 pounds lighter, it was moved around the room, to make sure the floor was not affecting the results, and guess what it wasn't! So far we are being affected differently, we are both getting full nights sleep, that is a good.  The bad thing is getting up before the alarm!!! One of us is a bit deficient in something as they tried to put the frozen vegetables in the cabinet.  That was hysterical.  We seem to be accomplishing more in a day too.  7 more days till we can eat some MEAT!!! Oh the meat - what will it be?? there's so many choices!!! 

Today We Had:
  8:00 Canary Melon
11:00 SP Complete Shake- made with mixed berries
12:30 Kale Soup
  4:30 SP Complete Shake- made with frozen pineapple
  6:30 Spaghetti Squash with garlic and oil

RECEIPTS at the pumps!!

Oh My God, What The Fig - What is with paying at the pump only to have to go inside to get a receipt! We want to avoid the trip inside and avoid the line at the register. Is this not what the pay at the pump option is for?

If we wanted to go into the store to have to get a receipt we would just go in to pay!

How do you have a pay at the pump option then have your patrons go in and wait on line for a friggin receipt!!!

Standing there after you have already pumped your gas waiting now for people to pick out lottery tickets, the type of cigarettes they want, all the while teens with no pep in their step or care to do their job even with a smile take their time making change really tests our patience!

Don't even know what more to say?!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

'Ho Humm Day 4

Today we again woke from a good full nights sleep and before our alarms! (haven't decided if this is a good thing or not -definitely love our sleep) We had an early morning walk and have average energy. We accomplished a lot of tasks before 11am! That part was a great thing! The not great part is craving food you can't have and that is making one of us is a little grouchy.

Today We Had:
  8:30 Apples & nectarines
11:30 SP Complete Shake made with Blueberries and Strawberries
12:00 Spinach & beet salad for lunch.
  5:30 Vegetable soup for dinner.
  7:00 SP Complete Shake Made with Frozen Mixed Berries

As always we snack on veggies and drink enough water to fill a pool.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Over the Hump - Day 3

We are back both on the same page today.  Lots of energy & enthusiasm.  Feeling really good!
It is possible dare we say that we may be carrying less weight around but refuse the scale for now at least. Slept great and woke up with no issue to want to lay around for a few more minutes.

Today we are
roasting our own red peppers for spinach salad & having peas n onions for lunch
dinner is roasted eggplant peppers zucchini beets & sweet potato
we did blueberry banana & orange strawberry in our shakes

feeling much better but still would love some peanut butter :-)

Ash Wednsday

So we did as all good Catholic Hypocrites do and we got our ashes this morning AND we got Communion too! NO we are not the larger Catholic hypocrites who only go to church on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter & Christmas and then talk so above ourselves. We actually do go every week!

Here's our frustration today, were taught that we need to pray in silence & in private. Not to boast about alms giving etc... But were supposed to walk around the whole day with a stamp on our head that announces HEY OVER HERE WERE CATHOLIC SEE WE WENT TO CHURCH TODAY! This is such a contradiction! And why do we make lent a big deal, we should have these behaviors all year long!

We do agree it’s not necessary to boast about alms giving or anything for that matter, it’s called being humble and boasting only makes you pompous anyway no one wants to hear you go about making yourself bigger then you are for your oneself purpose.

The gospel today said do not pray in public like the hypocrites! Which hypocrites is it that we speak of the Muslims who stop whatever they do at certain point of the day to pray? We think this is more devotion the hypocrisy!

When the ashes were placed on our heads the priest said 'Repent & believe in the Gospel'. Which gospel is it that you are referring? The ones only in the bible? Well that's selective don't you think? If you listen to anything in some other gospels that have been written that did not make it into 'The Bible', you'd find there’s a bit more to think about and believe then what were initially taught.

The homily today was fantastic, but really teachings the 'ideas' of lent should be carried the whole year through. Just as the 'spirit of Christmas' is a feeling we should have the whole year too!

Day 2 is not pretty!

So we usually write as one entity, but today we are very much in different places. One of us feels great, has energy, is bouncy, and a spruce in her step. The other, not so good, grumpy, sick, and not fit for company. They (the docs) say by day 3 all should be good, and our bodies will be well on its way to healthier women.

What we ate:
  8:30: Apple, grapes, strawberries
11:30: SP Complete Shake- made with pineapple and mango
  1:30: Cut Carrots and Celery
  4:30: SP Complete Shake- made with mixed berries
  6:00: Ratatouille
  8:00: SP Complete Shake- made with fruit

Side note, we snacked on veggies during the larger time gaps, and drank lot and lots of water.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Standard Process Purification Day 1

As you may know, for those of you who lurk, one of us is a widow, who's husband died of cancer. We took a hard look at our families, and decided we were all unhealthy. We feel it is very important for us to make a serious life change. We feel the cure for cancer and other diseases is the prevention of it. Our first step on this journey is a 21 day cleanse to start on our road to a healthier existence. Because misery loves company , we  thought we should share our experience in hopes to effect others to also want to be more healthy.

"Illness or disease is only Nature's warning that filth has accumulated in some portion or other of your body; and it would surely be the part of wisdom to allow Nature to remove the filth, instead of covering it up with the help of medicines" Mahatma Gandhi (1921).
This has nothing to do with wieght loss, although if some weight loss should occur this is a benifit we'll gladly take! This is a 21 day whole body purifiction. During the first 11 days we can only indulge in fruits and veggies! YIKES! Were doing good so far although ONE of us is a bit cranky!
Plus were peeing so much we could fill a pool! So wish us luck, send us your streangth to avoid temptation, ie: peanut butter and chocolate, cheese and bread! Oh yes icecream and yorgurt too!

What we ate today:
8am: Apple, Pear, Half an orange and some grapes
12:00: SP Complete shake- made with frozen berries
1:15: Salad ( romaine, red leaf, cucumber, pepper, carrots & onion)
4:00: SP Complete shake- made with frozen berries
5:30: Stir Fry with Brown Rice
7:30: SP Complete shake- made with Mixed Frozen Fruit

Side note, we snacked on veggies during the larger time gaps, also we did not work out today(shame on us).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Whats wrong with religious instruction?

Growing up we went to religious instruction. We went because our parents went, and their parent before them, its a cycle. Having grown up now with children of our own they too go to religious instruction. Receiving communion and confirmation is a rite of passage like having a sweet 16, but in gaining spiritual enlightenment thru education and personal life experiences, we can’t help but feel religious instruction is in some way brain washing. Kids are conditioned to believe the opinions of the church. Some of these opinions are good to believe like, "Thou shall not kill" but ideas like, "One Life", "Purgatory" or "entering into Heaven and Hell" are really opinions. Sure we are conditioned to believe these things are fact because the church says so because its what’s written in the bible and we believe these things because were told to take it on faith. But there are many Gospels that never made it into the bible because MAN decided to pick and choose what WE should learn and not learn.

Also faith like we've said earlier to us anyway is a God given gift we are all born with. 'Religion' is just rules put on that faith. So when you have a deep rutted faith (feeling) about one idea or another about the Divine, Heaven, God ect... who’s to say you’re wrong!? The youth of any 'religion' should be allowed to come to their own understanding and perception of Faith with guidance of other spiritual and faith filled people. Youths should be allowed find their own sense and connection to The Divine without being force fed info that has be determined by MAN to be a correct interpretation

One might ask then why do we still send our own kids to religious instruction?

We think religious instruction lays the ground work for a foundation of faith. It does put children on a good road to find a solid connection of their own with The Divine! That said, it may be beneficial to teach these 'church thoughts' as opinion not as facts.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flags at Half Mast for Whitney

We have to agree with protesters about the outrage for flying flags at half mast for Whitney Houston!  Really that honor to, us anyway is reserved for American Hero's and tragic events to befall our country! Not pop stars or any stars for that matter! People die everyday! People die in fear & panic each day!People die in pain from disease each day!  Children die from neglect & abuse each day! The list goes on... our country's flag is not flown at half mast in honor of them! Who the hell is she to receive such honor? A singer an actress an pop icon - so what?! These traits do not make her any more special then any other American who also struggle the adversity, over come trials, pay taxes! this is a disgrace!

Did chivalry die a natural death?

Is chivalry dead we wonder? There is a rare occasion where we come across a gentleman anymore. In experience we have been lucky enough to have been in the company of  men who have manners and respect.  But we have noticed that these men are few and far between. Think about it, when was the last time you(men) held a door open, when was the we(women) have seen a man open the door for a woman?  Stop his daily routine to carry a bag or assist a lady in some way? Given up a seat? Is this because chivalry is dead, that over time these simple gestures have gone untaught or unnoticed by youth and have been lost then to just a few?

 Or is it that as women we are so insistent on being equals that we no longer expect these behaviors from our men, so they don't put forth the effort. Do we then as women negate men who are truly helpful, thinking they have an angle and are expecting something in return. Really when was the last time we(women) waited by the car, to give our dates/partners the chance to open the door. Expected to be helped, instead of just doing it ourselves. I myself am guilty of this, would I love my husband to open a door for me yes, am i going to wait most likely not. Have we as women said "I got it" way to many times, that our counterparts no longer see themselves needed.

Men,  we do love the qualities! Be consistant, lead by example, and INSIST on get the door, she'll love you more for it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warning!!! Controversy Ahead.

Valentines day has now passed and the topic of  mistress' and lovers had entered our scope of conversation yesterday. So lets hash this out.  There is a negative stigma to having a love affair or a partner outside of your marriage or relationship, but lets look at this from another angle. The question is raised could there be some benefit to having a close secondary relationship. Think about how quickly and innocently one of these relationships can develop.  Many of us probably have one and don't even realize it or the impact it has on the primary relationship (marriage etc).

Affair is a sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or
passionate attachment between two people.

A secondary relationship or what some would dub an affair does not have to be physical.  It can be emotional or even spiritual. It doesn't even have to be with the opposite sex. So we would ask do you have a work wife? Work husband? A best friend? Someone you haven't even met? Now a days we've all made online friends. Someone you tell secrets or discuss important decisions or feelings with? Someone you depend on, count on, cant wait to see, or think about when not together? Is there one person you call when you have big news because you know that they will appreciate all you have to say? Is there a person other then your spouse or significant other who's also not your mother who brings a smile to your face, and knows all your favorite things? Guess what... your may be having an affair! Gasp! Shock!

For some an affair or what can be called a secondary relationship can possibly help your primary relationship. It is possible, to have a sustainable, long lasting and happy primary relationship, because the person in the secondary is providing an outlet for frustration, giving support, supplying comfort that would other wise bring stress to the primary relationship. The exchange of these emotions with someone else does not mean that there is any less love for their spouse. Of course some would argue that you should look to you primary partner for all these things and emotions. That may be right, wrong, half way right. Every relationship is different and can handle different forms of strain. It does not mean you love you spouse any less, if you lean on someone else for things you know they would not understand.

For example, a man's buddies, this really is a form of an affair between men who are not in love or having sex but are sharing a mutual passion for something their wives are not apart of or care to be apart of or know anything about.  Surely in these gatherings there are conversations of concerning matters that might never hit the ears of their wives?  Women with their girlfriends, is another form of an affair, they may discuss, complain about your husband. They give your comfort and support, and put you in a better place when you go home to your significant other.

We know this will ruffle lots of feathers, but it supposed to. But we hope you thinking and talking.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So he saw his shadow

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, so this would lead us to believe we should be expecting 6 more weeks of winter .  But wait... when exactly did winter show up?  For us not living in the frozen tundra we have for the most part been experiencing above average temperatures.  Lets talk about that!  Is any one else worried?  Everyone is enjoying these great temperatures and rightly so. It feels like spring out, the squirrels are going nuts. This mild weather makes people happy! That's great! But I  bet Al Gore is somewhere saying I told your asses the weather was gonna be affected by this global warming issue, but don't mind me! We seem to have been ignoring this (or at least the normal everyday let me rush through my day people.)  We don't want to be alarmist and were not crazy but wasn't it this time last year all of the Northeast was buried in snow and ice?  We're a bit concerned.  I mean if the earth is evolving (which really cant be disputed considering earthquakes & volcanic eruptions have been happening for what seems regularly) then this unseasonably mild weather would lead us, anyway, to be wondering is it possible for us to have snow in June? Could our weather pattern also be evolving to keep up with our changing world?  I'm a little more concerned about this than the freaking groundhog. Really does anyone plan their life by his predictions.  The weather people can't get it right either.  Plus do they pull this guy outta his hole, or does he emerge on his own? No they pull him out! That's quite rude! Of course he wants to go back in the hole!  Lets think about this for a minute why is this done at sunrise? We don't think the sun was up when he came out and were on the east coast too! it was still dark outside my window. Shouldn't this be at least done at noon! But if we really want to take a hint from animals how about the hybrid shark's, the Polar Bears mating with Grizzles, they are changing, becoming better equipped to deal with the changes to come.

Monday, January 23, 2012

What were feeling about the new translation in the Catholic mass

So I went to church Sunday, as usual. I go because it's part habit, part worship, and part gratitude. I'm sorry to say but my church does not feel as welcoming or comforting as it used to. Instead of feeling part of a greater community, I am an outsider. Not yet willing to conform to these changes, and to be honest I don't see that happening at all ever. What the Church (catholic church) is saying, is that we have strayed to far from the Latin original translation of our prayers. Almost as to say lost in translation. Well ok then, lets get this strait.... we've been saying it wrong all these years? Were our prayers not being heard? Was God sitting in Heaven going, ummm what are they saying here? I think not! I think God knows what were praying even if were off by a few words. Is he not all knowing? I don't think there is a language barrier. I believe that God understands our intent, HE gets whats in our hearts. I remember when my brother was little, for a long time he prayed "Our father who art in heaven "Howard" be thy name",  we never even noticed till one day he asked who Howard was?  Really I'm pretty sure God understood his prayer either way! How about when my daughter prays the Hail Mary, and says pray for our 'citizens' instead of sinners.
Why are these changes necessary then? What are the benefits? Besides making parishioners feel frustrated. I'm so disgusted I don't even chant my prayers with the group at church anymore and I know I'm not alone here!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where's Fat!

Well its the new year and just like everyone else we want to work on being healthier, more fit and less jiggly. So this morning we pop in a DVD and guess what we see, not a jiggle in site, not even boobs moving. Can someone please tell us why, there are no big girls huffing and puffing along with us in work out DVDs. Really we are sweating and wanting to curse (out loud), and all we're looking at is five skinny women with the whites teeth we've ever seen saying 'oh doesn't this feel good' and all we want to scream back 'NO IT DOES NOT!'

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship SOPA & PIPA

Our government has went from governing to controlling - act on your freedoms and voice your opinion.  They control what we eat by controlling the cost of food. They control the costs of gas, the financial market, how we live on a day to day based on their rules and regulations.They control health care and in turn pharmaceutical needs. Now they want to control what we read, and how we use the Internet.  Next they'll want to control what we say - are these not our freedoms that our country was founded on??? This is a giant step in the wrong direction.

This is an entertainment issue, the oppression does not out way the benefits, in saving and making the entertainment industry money. These bills will not even stop the pirating, it will just make it a little harder. SOPA & PIPA bills protects the entertainment industry while oppressing the American public! Really the entertainment industry!  This just is more proof that our politicians are influenced where there is money. It makes no sense, the money saved or really made, will not benifit our economy. Is buying more CD's, DVD's, and media going to pull us out of economic disaster.

Every blog, every social site, and search engines will be effected.  Imagine not being able to post your favorite quote to facebook! Not being able to post a video to Youtube because of background music. They claim that they will amend the bill once its passed ... do they seriously expect us to believe that... They still haven't settled on a budget and they expect that we should believe they will settle on details of a bill controlling our rights... no way!! It needs to not even be passed ...

Oh wait, i do not own this picture! Just in case.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I just Don't Get It, Mortgages, Forclosures, and Homless

I am very passionate about all things; on the front burner these days is the housing market and the foreclosures happening all around us. It really makes me sick, I just don’t understand how the banks don’t see the ripple effect that this is having. In my small part of the world alone, there are so many homes vacant that no taxes are being paid, that means no money for hmmm let’s see, the police and fire budgets, the school districts, roads and snow removal the list really can go on and on. No wonder the government is broke and wants to raise taxes. Would it not be smart to try and make it work with homeowners, I’m sure they want to keep their homes. Now please understand I don’t understand a lot of the inner workings of the financial system but wouldn’t the banks rather be getting paid for a home rather than have it sit there vacant? I just don’t get it, right is right.  Now we’ve bailed out the banks after they caused this whole housing mess and still these SOB's won’t return the favor to so many Americans facing foreclosure.  It’s unbelievable really! They will settle for less then what’s owed on the loan through a short sale to put people and children out of their homes, but won’t work out new loans for those looking to make good and keep their homes! I have heard stories on top of stories all sounding too similar all from different people from different areas dealing with different banks.  They’ve tried to work the mortgage company who claims they DO want to work something out. All to have hours of phone calls logged with no progress.  Mortgage companies claiming lost paper work, things not being followed through properly, different stories each time, no consistency,  can’t talk to the same person twice, they always have to talk to someone else... its a mess of nonsense. 

Mean time you have people who CAN who WANT to pay their monthly payments but the mortgage companies refuse payment because its less than the amount due.  REALLY? Why take a loss of nothing rather then something? It’s fueling the mess.  I was always taught something of something is better than nothing. Here is our take on an Easy solution to STOP people from losing their homes. Insist these banks work with homeowners so people will want to spend money on renovations and pay their property taxes.  Does this seem too easy of a solution here? There must be something more right? Why else would this problem be persisting? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? If you’ll take less on a short sale then take the same loss on rewriting a contract with homeowners reflecting the new value of their home and everyone is happy.  Sure the mortgage banks take a loss but they would have taken that loss anyway.  Mean time they’ll be less people and children displaced and more money being pushed through the government. I’m sure almost every one of us knows someone who is on the verge of losing their homes. I think we need to put a face to this problem, it is the face of children having to be uprooted, women in the dream homes be it a one bedroom or five, seniors who have lived, loved, and laughed in their homes, have raised children.  The greed of our banks are taking our memories and our security and sense of safety away, and I’m just not sure they get it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Catholic Hypocrite

I'm tired of people asking me if I believe in God, tired of people telling me I have to practice my faith a certain way. So we mentioned earlier that we have a strong FAITH and that by faith we don't mean religion.  Let me explain.  I believe Faith is a gift that is given to each of us direct from God.  Religions are man made rules put upon  that faith.  We happen to be a part of the catholic 'religon'.  We find comfort in the routine of going to church on Sunday, in the community of it, chanting our prayers, which also by the way we say at home on a daily basis.  However through life experiences and having learned a bit about other religions over the course of my adult life my perception of what I have been told was my faith all the while became distorted.  I began to realize that  I was taught  this was the right way because the holy spirit told some someones many years ago this was it, this is how we should practice, and this was the way God wanted it.    But I'm quite certain I hear and am divine guided each day, call it the holy spirit if you want. To say I'm crazy would be no different then saying the Pope or Mother Theresa, The Apostles  were just as crazy. Now I am in no way putting myself in the same categories as the Pope or Mother Theresa, but just because my life is less holy doesn't mean that the thoughts in my brain and from my heart are any less from 'God'.  No one religion has it all right, though many will profess that they do, and many more will follow even though they have questions. How can we ignore so many spiritual experiences beyond  religious "rules" and be expected to discount it. Well that's what this ramble is all about. Ask questions people, interpret your Faith, Know that God speaks to us all.