Thursday, April 26, 2012

W - Withdrawing from the banking system

How many of us have been victims of the ridiculously high unreasonable fees of our banks? I know we have!  ATM, over draft, and annual fees, what a racket. Really we completely understand the banks necessity to require fees, but it appears to us that these fees seem to only pray on average working families who are just getting by. 

We say this because really the amount of money banks make on overdraft fees alone totaled $31.6 billion last year, and the average over draft is $20. You know who paid those fees? You got it, regular average Americans.  Where's the sense in that?

Why should we continue to keep our hard earned dollars in the bank, to get charged $30 to $37 in overdraft charges?  Why should we? Where is the incentive anymore to keep our money in the bank? Oh wait maybe it's the .06 cents you'll make each month on interest.  We really still don't see the incentive.  The only good thing about keeping our money in the bank is convenience.  Direct deposit, debit MasterCard / Visa cards, checks.  But that's about it. You can get that now with a prepaid debit card. 

Granted if you have the fortunate circumstances to have investments, money available to you in multiple accounts,  make a larger then average salary and live more then comfortably then yes absolutely your money should be in a bank.  but as for those making practically just enough to pay bills, hit the store and put gas in the car, it might make more sense to withdraw from the banking system. 


  1. I have absolutely felt the sting of bank fees . . .once a few years ago my son was in Bulgaria. He was low on funds, so I put $100 in his bank account, only to have the bank take it right out almost immediately for "fees." I was livid. After many phone calls and letters, they put it back and "waived" the fees, but I will never trust them again.
    Great post!
    New follower :)

  2. Indeed. Banks (and other companies) always seem to be adding more and more fees--some of which aren't clear at a first glance.

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  3. Loving your rant here. The banks are total crooks!