Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D- Diversity

We've wanted to touch on diversity for a while and since it's a D word what better time than today. Oh how we hate to receive new school registration forms or any forms for that matter that insist on asking if the applicant is White, Black, Hispanic, Native American or Pacific Islander. 
That said let the rant begin.

We both come from multicultural backgrounds as do many Americans.  We are of  Italian, Latin American, German, and Polish ancestries and have both married men who are of Latin heritage also. We indirectly are also influenced by Irish, Turkish & Jamaican cultures as well as various religious beliefs have all become part of our family trees.  One of us is proud to have an adoptive brother too.  To say we are a melting pot is an understatement.

If you are confused, understand that White and Black are characteristics.  While Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander are all Cultures! How is it that our government has not caught on to this yet?!  Black and white do not define a person they are simply adjectives used to describe their appearance.  You can be Haitian and be black, French and be black, you can be from Central or South American and be black.  You can be from Spain and be white, you can be from any country in Africa and be white.  And just because your country may be in Africa doesn't make you African.  Example Egypt, in Africa but they are considered "Middle Eastern."

When we have to check these boxes we think none of these options fit us or our children and really they shouldn't have to fit any group anyway.  Should they?

We have actually met people who have defined themselves as Black or White with no idea of what culture, heritage, ancestry they belong.  This is frustrating.  What are we teaching people?  Have we not grown as a society to put culture before color?  And again how does our own country, our own government, still want us defined as such? 

There is something very wrong with this picture!

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