Thursday, April 12, 2012

K - Kindness

It takes more energy to be evil and nasty then it is to be kind.  Little things make a persons day a bit brighter and in turn your day becomes brighter too. 

Just as misery loves company, happy multiplies too.  Pay it forward.  There's an insurance company that has a commercial like that now where one person sees another do something nice and they then do something nice for someone else and it goes on.  There is truth to this. 

The smallest act of kindness could make the world of difference to someones day.  Holding the door for someone else or the elevator or letting someone go ahead of you in the grocery store with a screaming baby, these small almost insignificant acts of friendliness can somehow manage to lift a weight off someones shoulders. 

If only people would put more effort into being nice, kind, friendly & considerate the world would be less toxic and more tolerable.

So be kind - er    :-)

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