Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J- Jumping Jellybeans

We have no long rant about J- nothing - total blank - nothing comes to mind.
We lie, lots of topics came to mind, but nothing that we can have a hard rant over.

Jewelry- we haven't got any in a long while.

Judgmental - we really are ( we are trying to be better at it - sometimes)

Juvenile delinquents - here's a topic to spend sometime on.  We pray hard that none of our children are juvenile delinquents.  Where we live these trouble makers are out in groups as soon at its above 65 degrees.  They run a muck, have no respect, think they can do whatever they please.  They have no sense of consequence or care to.  We constantly wonder, don't their parents teach them right?  They must do as they see, or do they?  Really here is a bit of a secret so shhh don't tell - when they don't wanna move out of the street cause they think they don't have to, one of us outta this pair will speed up and barrel past them just to prove a point.  Bad I know but they enrage me. 

Jealousy - yeah we leak some of that too, cant help it.  Its frustrating to see people achieving goals (with little effort ) really if they work hard they deserve it.  Seeing people travel all the places we wish we could go, ugh that one sucks. Oh and for the widow I go completely green and ache with envy when i see happy couples, complete couples, daddies with their kids, husbands with their wives, women having babies.  Sigh it depresses me and I envy their happiness. 

Junk food- right now would really like a peanut butter & hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cups chocolate sprinkles & whip cream.  We have given up junk food as best we can - we have a very strong feeling that the cure for cancer is in preventing it.  Thus if God didn't put it here to be eaten don't eat it.  This is hard to do but we do our best.  But if were on the topic, oh how we love Doritos or nachos & cheese too. 

There you go we didn't have one long rant for "J" but ended up with a few tiny ones.  :-)

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  1. This blog is fun and the message comes across that you are who you are and if someone has a problem with it then they need to not come here. I like up-front people
    Rhia at Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 793 on A to Z Challenge)