Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H - Healthy Body Image

We are both mothers of young children.  Between the two of us there are 3 girls 6, 8 & 10.  Both of us are healthy thick woman who love our curves. We are very conscious about using the words fat big or diet around the girls. There is enough pressure from the outside world, they don't need it from us.  There was a period of time only a few years back when everything was skinny, bony, heroin chic.  Who finds that attractive?  Most men we speak to like a woman with meat on them.  You should love your curves.  Embrace them.  Work them to your advantage when necessary :-)  We don't want the girls or any girl for that matter to look at themselves with an unhealthy body image.  Society puts this stigma on our girls about weight and looks.  its wrong! Tthat's why kids grow up screwed up.  They think they don't fit the stereotype and they desperately want to be accepted.  Big is beautiful.  The idea society needs to convey its not the weight (entirely- we do understand that a good weight is important ) but more important its health.  Eating good, being active, before looks and sizes. 

Side Note: Sorry we're late, no school throws us off track

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