Saturday, April 7, 2012

G - God

Our topic may be appropriate or inappropriate considering tomorrow is Easter Sunday and all. Guess it would depend on your view of things.  We have not kept the secret that we are proclaimed Catholic Hypocrites.  We feel most Catholics are hypocrites, they just don't realize this but that's another rant.

Who is God? Is he an energy? A physical being? A woman? Could their be more then one? 

When we pray, think of Heaven or anything 'Divine'  we first think God.  Not Jesus, but God, the energy, being, man or woman who created all, Jesus included. This does not mean we don't think Jesus wasn't a savior, our savior, a significant person or divine being. We just happen to be more spiritual than religious, which means we recognize the top guy, he who reins supreme, the creator etc.. before recognizing his son, the holy spirit, the blessed mother and those alike.  We very heavily believe in Heaven, Angles, Divine Beings, blessed gifts (healing, physic, .....) We believe nothing is by chance, and everything is woven and controlled by something greater then ourselves.  This is a whole system for us with God as president of the operations (so to speak).
There are too many Ancient Gods throughout too many different cultures through so many years that have too many similarities to look past that there has always been God, Gods etc... We as a society have developed many religions to explain our beliefs, but that’s actually very complex its easier then that. The belief in God is much simpler then any religion can teach. 

{There are many sub topics on this thought of ours that we could go on and on. But needed to keep this thought as strait and narrow as possible.  It took a lot of effort to not get ourselves off course.  We love this topic and you can read more of our thoughts about it in our past rants.  We have lots more to say and were certain there will be future rants on the subject in the future. } 



  1. Yes, no matter what, I can't buy the idea that there is no God. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  2. Christians believe that God, and the Word (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit were all there when the world was created. There is God the Father, God the Spirit and God the Son. Read the book of John in the New Testament and you will see. I am a Christian and know that the three exist in one. Mary is not the "Blessed Mother". She was just as human as you or I and not Holy any more than you or I. She was a vessel chosen to bear Jesus. Best regards to you, Ruby