Saturday, April 14, 2012

M- Mitt Romney/Mom's

So apparently some democratic analyst made a stupid remark about Mitt Romney's wife, saying that she’s never worked a day in her life because she’s a stay at home mom. Now we can see both sides of this coin. If you've read back to our intro post, you know that there is one of us from each party, and we have some views that cross party lines (really we're just American). We are middle class stay at home moms, one who happens to have the privilege of working from home at her discretion, and has also worked out of her home for several years before that blessing was bestowed on her.

Stay at home moms work very hard we don’t sit home all day and watch talk TV. Now I don’t know the woman personally but I would bet that based on Mitt Romeny’s wife’s social class she did how ever have a bit more help in her daily routines then most average stay at home moms. But none the less that doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything. The other side of this argument is that it wasn’t meant to insult (stay at home moms) as if we have no idea about economics. I think almost every mom & wife knows plenty on the subject because whether we stay at home or add working out of the home to our daily activities we ALL have to be the house chef (so we know all about the rising cost of food), we all are the banker (so we know that there is not enough money to cover expenses and need to balance the funds that are available somehow), we are the caretakers who have to run the kids to the doctors or ourselves (when there is no health insurance and cry that there’s no money to pay for this visit or script) oh and the small matters of mortgage modifications, foreclosures and qualifying for welfare cause someone was just laid off. These are just some examples of what today’s mom/wife has on her plate.

Young or old, no matter which party you are a part of, if you’re of the middle class you know these hardships whether you are a stay at home mom or not. We can’t imagine for one minute that Mrs. Romney ever had to worry about if the electric was going to get cut off cause they had to choose to pay that or the water bill this month. Perhaps she did have these difficulties we are making an assumption, we don’t know where to find her life story, but this comment this analyst made doesn’t affect our votes one bit. The media is a bunch of shit stirrers.

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  1. Great post. I agree about stay at home moms or dads for that matter. Just because one parent goes out to work doesn't mean the other isn't doing anything. All of the tasks involved in house maintenance whether it's cleaning or sorting the finances is all work. I'm sure Mitt Romney would argue that he'd be nowhere without his wife. The vast majority of marriages involve teamwork, regardless of who is at home or who is going out to work. This analyst will feel foolish on reflection I am sure.