Monday, January 23, 2012

What were feeling about the new translation in the Catholic mass

So I went to church Sunday, as usual. I go because it's part habit, part worship, and part gratitude. I'm sorry to say but my church does not feel as welcoming or comforting as it used to. Instead of feeling part of a greater community, I am an outsider. Not yet willing to conform to these changes, and to be honest I don't see that happening at all ever. What the Church (catholic church) is saying, is that we have strayed to far from the Latin original translation of our prayers. Almost as to say lost in translation. Well ok then, lets get this strait.... we've been saying it wrong all these years? Were our prayers not being heard? Was God sitting in Heaven going, ummm what are they saying here? I think not! I think God knows what were praying even if were off by a few words. Is he not all knowing? I don't think there is a language barrier. I believe that God understands our intent, HE gets whats in our hearts. I remember when my brother was little, for a long time he prayed "Our father who art in heaven "Howard" be thy name",  we never even noticed till one day he asked who Howard was?  Really I'm pretty sure God understood his prayer either way! How about when my daughter prays the Hail Mary, and says pray for our 'citizens' instead of sinners.
Why are these changes necessary then? What are the benefits? Besides making parishioners feel frustrated. I'm so disgusted I don't even chant my prayers with the group at church anymore and I know I'm not alone here!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where's Fat!

Well its the new year and just like everyone else we want to work on being healthier, more fit and less jiggly. So this morning we pop in a DVD and guess what we see, not a jiggle in site, not even boobs moving. Can someone please tell us why, there are no big girls huffing and puffing along with us in work out DVDs. Really we are sweating and wanting to curse (out loud), and all we're looking at is five skinny women with the whites teeth we've ever seen saying 'oh doesn't this feel good' and all we want to scream back 'NO IT DOES NOT!'

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship SOPA & PIPA

Our government has went from governing to controlling - act on your freedoms and voice your opinion.  They control what we eat by controlling the cost of food. They control the costs of gas, the financial market, how we live on a day to day based on their rules and regulations.They control health care and in turn pharmaceutical needs. Now they want to control what we read, and how we use the Internet.  Next they'll want to control what we say - are these not our freedoms that our country was founded on??? This is a giant step in the wrong direction.

This is an entertainment issue, the oppression does not out way the benefits, in saving and making the entertainment industry money. These bills will not even stop the pirating, it will just make it a little harder. SOPA & PIPA bills protects the entertainment industry while oppressing the American public! Really the entertainment industry!  This just is more proof that our politicians are influenced where there is money. It makes no sense, the money saved or really made, will not benifit our economy. Is buying more CD's, DVD's, and media going to pull us out of economic disaster.

Every blog, every social site, and search engines will be effected.  Imagine not being able to post your favorite quote to facebook! Not being able to post a video to Youtube because of background music. They claim that they will amend the bill once its passed ... do they seriously expect us to believe that... They still haven't settled on a budget and they expect that we should believe they will settle on details of a bill controlling our rights... no way!! It needs to not even be passed ...

Oh wait, i do not own this picture! Just in case.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I just Don't Get It, Mortgages, Forclosures, and Homless

I am very passionate about all things; on the front burner these days is the housing market and the foreclosures happening all around us. It really makes me sick, I just don’t understand how the banks don’t see the ripple effect that this is having. In my small part of the world alone, there are so many homes vacant that no taxes are being paid, that means no money for hmmm let’s see, the police and fire budgets, the school districts, roads and snow removal the list really can go on and on. No wonder the government is broke and wants to raise taxes. Would it not be smart to try and make it work with homeowners, I’m sure they want to keep their homes. Now please understand I don’t understand a lot of the inner workings of the financial system but wouldn’t the banks rather be getting paid for a home rather than have it sit there vacant? I just don’t get it, right is right.  Now we’ve bailed out the banks after they caused this whole housing mess and still these SOB's won’t return the favor to so many Americans facing foreclosure.  It’s unbelievable really! They will settle for less then what’s owed on the loan through a short sale to put people and children out of their homes, but won’t work out new loans for those looking to make good and keep their homes! I have heard stories on top of stories all sounding too similar all from different people from different areas dealing with different banks.  They’ve tried to work the mortgage company who claims they DO want to work something out. All to have hours of phone calls logged with no progress.  Mortgage companies claiming lost paper work, things not being followed through properly, different stories each time, no consistency,  can’t talk to the same person twice, they always have to talk to someone else... its a mess of nonsense. 

Mean time you have people who CAN who WANT to pay their monthly payments but the mortgage companies refuse payment because its less than the amount due.  REALLY? Why take a loss of nothing rather then something? It’s fueling the mess.  I was always taught something of something is better than nothing. Here is our take on an Easy solution to STOP people from losing their homes. Insist these banks work with homeowners so people will want to spend money on renovations and pay their property taxes.  Does this seem too easy of a solution here? There must be something more right? Why else would this problem be persisting? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? If you’ll take less on a short sale then take the same loss on rewriting a contract with homeowners reflecting the new value of their home and everyone is happy.  Sure the mortgage banks take a loss but they would have taken that loss anyway.  Mean time they’ll be less people and children displaced and more money being pushed through the government. I’m sure almost every one of us knows someone who is on the verge of losing their homes. I think we need to put a face to this problem, it is the face of children having to be uprooted, women in the dream homes be it a one bedroom or five, seniors who have lived, loved, and laughed in their homes, have raised children.  The greed of our banks are taking our memories and our security and sense of safety away, and I’m just not sure they get it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Catholic Hypocrite

I'm tired of people asking me if I believe in God, tired of people telling me I have to practice my faith a certain way. So we mentioned earlier that we have a strong FAITH and that by faith we don't mean religion.  Let me explain.  I believe Faith is a gift that is given to each of us direct from God.  Religions are man made rules put upon  that faith.  We happen to be a part of the catholic 'religon'.  We find comfort in the routine of going to church on Sunday, in the community of it, chanting our prayers, which also by the way we say at home on a daily basis.  However through life experiences and having learned a bit about other religions over the course of my adult life my perception of what I have been told was my faith all the while became distorted.  I began to realize that  I was taught  this was the right way because the holy spirit told some someones many years ago this was it, this is how we should practice, and this was the way God wanted it.    But I'm quite certain I hear and am divine guided each day, call it the holy spirit if you want. To say I'm crazy would be no different then saying the Pope or Mother Theresa, The Apostles  were just as crazy. Now I am in no way putting myself in the same categories as the Pope or Mother Theresa, but just because my life is less holy doesn't mean that the thoughts in my brain and from my heart are any less from 'God'.  No one religion has it all right, though many will profess that they do, and many more will follow even though they have questions. How can we ignore so many spiritual experiences beyond  religious "rules" and be expected to discount it. Well that's what this ramble is all about. Ask questions people, interpret your Faith, Know that God speaks to us all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet The Women!

A little about ourselves, we are two women on a mission. What is this mission you might ask? We hope to change the world or at least our little spot in it. We both are stay at home moms with strong and passionate beliefs, values, and expectations. We have a very strong faith, and let’s be clear by Faith we mean a belief that comes directly from God. When we say faith we in no way mean any specific religion, which are manmade rules (in our opinion) on faith, though we both do attend a catholic church which is another rant altogether... more to come on that subject for sure. We have a very frustrated view on the political mess in this country, we both would say we are pro America and are more American than democrat or republican. Just to be clear one of us is a registered democrat and the other a registered republican.

A bit about me, call me the “Dreamer ". I am 31year old mother of two, a little boy 2 and little girl 7. I have been happily with my love for 15years married for 8 of them. I have been with my husband since I’m 15 (all of my adult life). He passed away in March last year, 4 weeks after our son turned 1; after fighting kidney cancer he learned of only 19 days after Nic was born. I'm now thrust into this life of single motherhood, yet I’m not, single yet not, alone yet not. I believe there is a purpose in all things and now promised myself to find and fulfill that purpose. If I had to describe myself I would say I am a Wife, Mother, Widow, I don’t give people many chances to gain my support, I challenge the norm, I believe there is a solution to everything if you look hard enough you’ll find what you need. I am very spiritual and faith filled and intuitive I have coined the phrase Heaven IS NOT that far away. I live my life by divine guidance & faith. I have high expectations which I should consider lowering (sometimes), very opinionated, limited on patience for people and situations, I am funny or at least I think I am, I am gullible and open-minded Ill believe anything someone tells me unless I know for fact it’s wrong I don’t know everything. My children are my world, my gifts, and my responsibility, to be sure they too achieve their purpose and greatness in their own life and become productive members of society. I am loving but not so much caring, I really don’t give a shit about people and their problems especially when they are making them for themselves, I am bossy, I need to work on this. I am kind I do believe in pay it forward karma and all that jazz, but I could just as well spit on those who have done myself, my husband, my children, my family, and or friends wrong. Yes I’m a big grudge holder and don’t forgive well another flaw true I much rather remove the negative out of my life as best as possible then have to deal with untruthful nasty motive filled people! That is just a small bit of who I am today anyway, tomorrow is another day.

Hello, you can call me the "realist” I am also a mother of two young girls  ages 6 & 10. I’ve been married for 11 years, and we’ve never had a fight (ha!). My daughters are a very big part of who I am, I believe I am raising my kidlets to be independent and self-sufficient women.  I know that their potential is limitless and tell them that each and every day.  A big reason why I wanted us to star this blog is because I find myself fed up and frustrated with the world around me. I’m tired of the ‘if only’s’, the ‘wish I could’s’ and so I want to help make the change. I know that my efforts will make a ripple that will keep going. Now if I were to describe myself I would say I’m too a Wife and Mother. I am a study in contradiction; I have a great respect for tradition even if some of them are made just for me, my husband and my children.  I teach my children to think outside the box and around the corner. I am always wanting to learn something new no lie, I try to gain something new each day. I try very hard to not be judgmental, and to accept EVERYONE for who or what they are. I am a nurturer but I don’t coddle.  I DO NOT use unnecessary language which is funny considering I’m surrounded by profanity in almost every conversation I have. Flying Fig is more my speed. I am creative. I am a great listener, a keeper of secrets so to speak. I too am spiritual and faith filled.... I am passive and not easily aggravated that’s not to say I don’t get aggravated I do just have a slight longer fuse then most. I do have an abundance of patients, but have no tolerance for liars and can’t abide by fools. Hmmm so that’s a glimpse of me there are many more layers, trust me.

So as you can see we complement each other, can be honest with each other and at times agree to disagree.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello & welcome, here you'll find all the things that are in your mind. All the things that frustrate you, things you want to complain about, things that make no sense, stupidity of family dynamics, spiritual growth and enlightenment, grief, and anything else that happens to us through out our day. Its not just you all who feel this way we feel it to.

Come back soon to hear what frustrates us next