Monday, January 23, 2012

What were feeling about the new translation in the Catholic mass

So I went to church Sunday, as usual. I go because it's part habit, part worship, and part gratitude. I'm sorry to say but my church does not feel as welcoming or comforting as it used to. Instead of feeling part of a greater community, I am an outsider. Not yet willing to conform to these changes, and to be honest I don't see that happening at all ever. What the Church (catholic church) is saying, is that we have strayed to far from the Latin original translation of our prayers. Almost as to say lost in translation. Well ok then, lets get this strait.... we've been saying it wrong all these years? Were our prayers not being heard? Was God sitting in Heaven going, ummm what are they saying here? I think not! I think God knows what were praying even if were off by a few words. Is he not all knowing? I don't think there is a language barrier. I believe that God understands our intent, HE gets whats in our hearts. I remember when my brother was little, for a long time he prayed "Our father who art in heaven "Howard" be thy name",  we never even noticed till one day he asked who Howard was?  Really I'm pretty sure God understood his prayer either way! How about when my daughter prays the Hail Mary, and says pray for our 'citizens' instead of sinners.
Why are these changes necessary then? What are the benefits? Besides making parishioners feel frustrated. I'm so disgusted I don't even chant my prayers with the group at church anymore and I know I'm not alone here!

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  1. stopping in from the A-Z sign up list. I enjoy your blog. I too have faith in God and enjoy reading what you have here. I agree!