Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship SOPA & PIPA

Our government has went from governing to controlling - act on your freedoms and voice your opinion.  They control what we eat by controlling the cost of food. They control the costs of gas, the financial market, how we live on a day to day based on their rules and regulations.They control health care and in turn pharmaceutical needs. Now they want to control what we read, and how we use the Internet.  Next they'll want to control what we say - are these not our freedoms that our country was founded on??? This is a giant step in the wrong direction.

This is an entertainment issue, the oppression does not out way the benefits, in saving and making the entertainment industry money. These bills will not even stop the pirating, it will just make it a little harder. SOPA & PIPA bills protects the entertainment industry while oppressing the American public! Really the entertainment industry!  This just is more proof that our politicians are influenced where there is money. It makes no sense, the money saved or really made, will not benifit our economy. Is buying more CD's, DVD's, and media going to pull us out of economic disaster.

Every blog, every social site, and search engines will be effected.  Imagine not being able to post your favorite quote to facebook! Not being able to post a video to Youtube because of background music. They claim that they will amend the bill once its passed ... do they seriously expect us to believe that... They still haven't settled on a budget and they expect that we should believe they will settle on details of a bill controlling our rights... no way!! It needs to not even be passed ...

Oh wait, i do not own this picture! Just in case.

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