Monday, January 9, 2012

Catholic Hypocrite

I'm tired of people asking me if I believe in God, tired of people telling me I have to practice my faith a certain way. So we mentioned earlier that we have a strong FAITH and that by faith we don't mean religion.  Let me explain.  I believe Faith is a gift that is given to each of us direct from God.  Religions are man made rules put upon  that faith.  We happen to be a part of the catholic 'religon'.  We find comfort in the routine of going to church on Sunday, in the community of it, chanting our prayers, which also by the way we say at home on a daily basis.  However through life experiences and having learned a bit about other religions over the course of my adult life my perception of what I have been told was my faith all the while became distorted.  I began to realize that  I was taught  this was the right way because the holy spirit told some someones many years ago this was it, this is how we should practice, and this was the way God wanted it.    But I'm quite certain I hear and am divine guided each day, call it the holy spirit if you want. To say I'm crazy would be no different then saying the Pope or Mother Theresa, The Apostles  were just as crazy. Now I am in no way putting myself in the same categories as the Pope or Mother Theresa, but just because my life is less holy doesn't mean that the thoughts in my brain and from my heart are any less from 'God'.  No one religion has it all right, though many will profess that they do, and many more will follow even though they have questions. How can we ignore so many spiritual experiences beyond  religious "rules" and be expected to discount it. Well that's what this ramble is all about. Ask questions people, interpret your Faith, Know that God speaks to us all.

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