Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shame on us

We have been very neglectful of our blog and to readers and lurkers a like. The cleanse is over! Yay!W Food wise we've stuck to it, just adding some turkey and chicken here and there. What is amazing is that we don't miss the junk! Yes it is wonderful to know we can finally eat what we want but the idea is you always want what you can't have. We've both experienced 10+ weight loss, woo hoo! Both feeling strong healthy more energy then normal.  We hope to continue this healthy lifestyle.  This is not easy.  It takes conscious choices and effort.  There are results and we are expecting to have healthier bodies free from diseases that are caused by things going into our bodies that our creator never intended to be there.  We expect to influence our children with our new found philosophy's and hopefully set them up for healthy lives that God willing will be free from avoidable diseases. We've learned about crappy processed foods and to eat fresh stuff every day is 100% healthier for your body.  We can live without salt and bread (mostly) and still have not drank milk or have had cheese or yogurt since February 21st!
This is a lifestyle we encourage everyone to try, it will not disappoint!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Screw favorite things.... lets talk about favorite foods

So since we cant eat our favorite foods we've spent a lot of time thinking about them. The more we think about the foods we love to eat the longer the list gets! So we thought we might get some therapy outta sharing them.

Lets talk about cheese. You might not realize how much of this wonderful goodness you eat until you cant. Shredded cheese or any cheese for that matter on salad, or chili. Cheese and crackers. Cheese on tacos. Mozzarella dipped in gravy simmering on the stove. Cheese on a tuna fish sandwich, cheese on eggs, cheese steak sandwich. Cheese on macaroni and the monster of cheesy things pizza.

Lets take a moment here and talk about macaroni & pizza. These are terribly bad but oh so delicious.
Pizza- thin or thick crust, Neapolitan or Sicilian, it don't matter. Give us pizza any day. Oh and we can't forget calzones! Some days we cant decide which we enjoy more. Macaroni- were do we begin? How bout your simple spaghetti & meatballs or linguine olio with some chicken franchise. Oh wait shrimp fra diavolo, baked ziti, penne a la vodka or rigatoni carbonara.

Lets not forget the basics. Steak & burgers. Burgers done medium well dripping with all its goodness with cheese ketchup mayonnaise lettuce & onions. Oh n if were gonna talk about burgers we cant forget fries. Cheese fries chili fries loaded fries sweet potato fries.  Steak- bloody juicy A1saucey! Its not all about cow, pig is awesome too, bacon, crispy fried, on a sandwich or with breakfast, pork chops, pulled pork sandwich, BBQ ribs.

And chicken. Chicken cutlets freshly fried or they are just as delicious cold the next day.
Oh and cant forget the cold cut hero. Let us count the ways to enjoy a deli sandwich.  Call it what you will a hero a sub no difference to us, the choices are limitless. And we must mention the incredible peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ooey gooey smooth peanut butter sweet grape jam smothered between soft honey wheat bread, oh my!

Cant leave out our  Puerto Rican favorites, pernil simple white rice & stewed red beans,pastelitos, alcapurrias, carne guisada.

To finish our delectable dreamy rant on our favorites it is important to not forget dessert. Ohhh dessert. Chocolate mousse with chocolate graham cracker crumbs, dark chocolate covered almonds & triple chocolate brownies warm outta the oven.  Chocolate chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, jelly sandwich cookies, walnut wedding cookies, rainbow cookies.  ( It does not help that we fill ordes for cookies for our Kookies for a Kure fundraising)  Cheese cake oh so smooth creamy rich & decadent. Ice cream cake, vanilla & chocolate with whipped topping and cookie crunches in the middle. Peanut butter & hot fudge ice cream sundaes!

now that were through with that, we must name some new favorites, like grilled eggplant, spaghetti squash, vegetable soup & home made apple sauce!

Day 10 & Day 11

Day 10, was a snow day, and we just stuck to our plan, but nothing exciting happened, but today is Day 11, and if you've been reading ya know what the means, MEAT!!!! reading that you'd think we get to eat a  big steak or something juicy, but really we get to have about 2 chicken tenders or something around that size. It's a feast for us, considering we have had not meat, dairy, bread, grains, for 11days.

Today we are having
fruit for breakfast
sp complete shake, made with frozen fruit
veggie soup with turkey
sp complete shake, made with frozen fruit
turkey burgers with peppers and onions