Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 9, not much going on

Would really like to not get up before the alarm.  We still have lots of energy & feeling good. but not much to say, we miss food. Don't get us wrong we are eating, almost every twenty minutes there is something going in our mouths, but its not satisfying. we are not feeling like we sat down and had a meal. we are committed, and will follow through, just want to whine a little.

Today we had,
Fruit for breakfast
SP Complete shake, made with blueberries and banana
Grilled veggies for lunch
Sp Complete Shake, make with pineapple
Mixed vegetable stir fry

lots and lots of water.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hug your children every chance you get

Just read about the school shooting in Ohio.  This is not the first school shooting and sadly it probably wont be the last.
When you send your child to school you have an automatic thought of safety.  You know you'll see them when they come home.  Who thinks you'll send your kid to school and they wont come home.   This goes both ways.  You can send your child to school and when they get home you may not be there.  These are things we don't consider each day.  We go about blind to realities that for some, tonight will not come for some, tomorrow will not come. 

Don't take your loved ones for granted love them every second you get.

Day 7 and 8 are we done yet!

OK so day seven, was not great. While stir fry was on the menu for us, others in our family had....steak covered in A1 sauce, baked potatos, smoothed in butter, and ice cream cake. Yesterday was very unsatisfying. We had, fruit for breakfast, quick salads for lunch, stir fry for dinner and our 2 shakes were made with mixed berries.

Oh day 8, still feeling dissatisfied. Nothing is filling. We are counting down the days till 11. When we can have some meat, yayyyy meat. The more we think about foods we can't have the more we want them, the list is long. We need to get over this hump.

Today We are Having
8:30 Fruit
10:30 SP Complete Shake made with pineapple
12:30 Salad
5:00 Dinner, grilled eggplant and mixed veggies
7:30 SP Complete shake Made with fruit

Snacking on fruits and veggies through out the day, and pleanty of water

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frig those Friggin Plows

I know theres not anyone who doesn't have this gripe with the plow men.  Do they not have any courtesy?  They come down the street they can clearly see the drive way is clean free from any snow. And what do these friggers do?
They must get a joy out of it.  A little chuckle with each driveway they plow back in. Wonder if after the day is done they go our for drinks and boast about who plowed in more people!

Day 6

Things are pretty simple today. Still getting up way before necessary but feeling good and having lots of energy. 

This morning again our fruit.
Lunch was red cabbage salad.
Dinner Quinoa & Wild rice medley with sauteed spinach. 
Pineappe & mixed fruit for our shakes.

Not finding ourselves hungry maybe the stomachs are shrinking too!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Boy It's Day 5

This morning the scale was calling and one of us succumbed and then didn't even believe it. It was like taking a pregnancy test, you get the + but go back three times to make sure. The scale was not lying 10 pounds lighter, it was moved around the room, to make sure the floor was not affecting the results, and guess what it wasn't! So far we are being affected differently, we are both getting full nights sleep, that is a good.  The bad thing is getting up before the alarm!!! One of us is a bit deficient in something as they tried to put the frozen vegetables in the cabinet.  That was hysterical.  We seem to be accomplishing more in a day too.  7 more days till we can eat some MEAT!!! Oh the meat - what will it be?? there's so many choices!!! 

Today We Had:
  8:00 Canary Melon
11:00 SP Complete Shake- made with mixed berries
12:30 Kale Soup
  4:30 SP Complete Shake- made with frozen pineapple
  6:30 Spaghetti Squash with garlic and oil

RECEIPTS at the pumps!!

Oh My God, What The Fig - What is with paying at the pump only to have to go inside to get a receipt! We want to avoid the trip inside and avoid the line at the register. Is this not what the pay at the pump option is for?

If we wanted to go into the store to have to get a receipt we would just go in to pay!

How do you have a pay at the pump option then have your patrons go in and wait on line for a friggin receipt!!!

Standing there after you have already pumped your gas waiting now for people to pick out lottery tickets, the type of cigarettes they want, all the while teens with no pep in their step or care to do their job even with a smile take their time making change really tests our patience!

Don't even know what more to say?!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

'Ho Humm Day 4

Today we again woke from a good full nights sleep and before our alarms! (haven't decided if this is a good thing or not -definitely love our sleep) We had an early morning walk and have average energy. We accomplished a lot of tasks before 11am! That part was a great thing! The not great part is craving food you can't have and that is making one of us is a little grouchy.

Today We Had:
  8:30 Apples & nectarines
11:30 SP Complete Shake made with Blueberries and Strawberries
12:00 Spinach & beet salad for lunch.
  5:30 Vegetable soup for dinner.
  7:00 SP Complete Shake Made with Frozen Mixed Berries

As always we snack on veggies and drink enough water to fill a pool.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Over the Hump - Day 3

We are back both on the same page today.  Lots of energy & enthusiasm.  Feeling really good!
It is possible dare we say that we may be carrying less weight around but refuse the scale for now at least. Slept great and woke up with no issue to want to lay around for a few more minutes.

Today we are
roasting our own red peppers for spinach salad & having peas n onions for lunch
dinner is roasted eggplant peppers zucchini beets & sweet potato
we did blueberry banana & orange strawberry in our shakes

feeling much better but still would love some peanut butter :-)

Ash Wednsday

So we did as all good Catholic Hypocrites do and we got our ashes this morning AND we got Communion too! NO we are not the larger Catholic hypocrites who only go to church on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter & Christmas and then talk so above ourselves. We actually do go every week!

Here's our frustration today, were taught that we need to pray in silence & in private. Not to boast about alms giving etc... But were supposed to walk around the whole day with a stamp on our head that announces HEY OVER HERE WERE CATHOLIC SEE WE WENT TO CHURCH TODAY! This is such a contradiction! And why do we make lent a big deal, we should have these behaviors all year long!

We do agree it’s not necessary to boast about alms giving or anything for that matter, it’s called being humble and boasting only makes you pompous anyway no one wants to hear you go about making yourself bigger then you are for your oneself purpose.

The gospel today said do not pray in public like the hypocrites! Which hypocrites is it that we speak of the Muslims who stop whatever they do at certain point of the day to pray? We think this is more devotion the hypocrisy!

When the ashes were placed on our heads the priest said 'Repent & believe in the Gospel'. Which gospel is it that you are referring? The ones only in the bible? Well that's selective don't you think? If you listen to anything in some other gospels that have been written that did not make it into 'The Bible', you'd find there’s a bit more to think about and believe then what were initially taught.

The homily today was fantastic, but really teachings the 'ideas' of lent should be carried the whole year through. Just as the 'spirit of Christmas' is a feeling we should have the whole year too!

Day 2 is not pretty!

So we usually write as one entity, but today we are very much in different places. One of us feels great, has energy, is bouncy, and a spruce in her step. The other, not so good, grumpy, sick, and not fit for company. They (the docs) say by day 3 all should be good, and our bodies will be well on its way to healthier women.

What we ate:
  8:30: Apple, grapes, strawberries
11:30: SP Complete Shake- made with pineapple and mango
  1:30: Cut Carrots and Celery
  4:30: SP Complete Shake- made with mixed berries
  6:00: Ratatouille
  8:00: SP Complete Shake- made with fruit

Side note, we snacked on veggies during the larger time gaps, and drank lot and lots of water.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Standard Process Purification Day 1

As you may know, for those of you who lurk, one of us is a widow, who's husband died of cancer. We took a hard look at our families, and decided we were all unhealthy. We feel it is very important for us to make a serious life change. We feel the cure for cancer and other diseases is the prevention of it. Our first step on this journey is a 21 day cleanse to start on our road to a healthier existence. Because misery loves company , we  thought we should share our experience in hopes to effect others to also want to be more healthy.

"Illness or disease is only Nature's warning that filth has accumulated in some portion or other of your body; and it would surely be the part of wisdom to allow Nature to remove the filth, instead of covering it up with the help of medicines" Mahatma Gandhi (1921).
This has nothing to do with wieght loss, although if some weight loss should occur this is a benifit we'll gladly take! This is a 21 day whole body purifiction. During the first 11 days we can only indulge in fruits and veggies! YIKES! Were doing good so far although ONE of us is a bit cranky!
Plus were peeing so much we could fill a pool! So wish us luck, send us your streangth to avoid temptation, ie: peanut butter and chocolate, cheese and bread! Oh yes icecream and yorgurt too!

What we ate today:
8am: Apple, Pear, Half an orange and some grapes
12:00: SP Complete shake- made with frozen berries
1:15: Salad ( romaine, red leaf, cucumber, pepper, carrots & onion)
4:00: SP Complete shake- made with frozen berries
5:30: Stir Fry with Brown Rice
7:30: SP Complete shake- made with Mixed Frozen Fruit

Side note, we snacked on veggies during the larger time gaps, also we did not work out today(shame on us).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Whats wrong with religious instruction?

Growing up we went to religious instruction. We went because our parents went, and their parent before them, its a cycle. Having grown up now with children of our own they too go to religious instruction. Receiving communion and confirmation is a rite of passage like having a sweet 16, but in gaining spiritual enlightenment thru education and personal life experiences, we can’t help but feel religious instruction is in some way brain washing. Kids are conditioned to believe the opinions of the church. Some of these opinions are good to believe like, "Thou shall not kill" but ideas like, "One Life", "Purgatory" or "entering into Heaven and Hell" are really opinions. Sure we are conditioned to believe these things are fact because the church says so because its what’s written in the bible and we believe these things because were told to take it on faith. But there are many Gospels that never made it into the bible because MAN decided to pick and choose what WE should learn and not learn.

Also faith like we've said earlier to us anyway is a God given gift we are all born with. 'Religion' is just rules put on that faith. So when you have a deep rutted faith (feeling) about one idea or another about the Divine, Heaven, God ect... who’s to say you’re wrong!? The youth of any 'religion' should be allowed to come to their own understanding and perception of Faith with guidance of other spiritual and faith filled people. Youths should be allowed find their own sense and connection to The Divine without being force fed info that has be determined by MAN to be a correct interpretation

One might ask then why do we still send our own kids to religious instruction?

We think religious instruction lays the ground work for a foundation of faith. It does put children on a good road to find a solid connection of their own with The Divine! That said, it may be beneficial to teach these 'church thoughts' as opinion not as facts.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flags at Half Mast for Whitney

We have to agree with protesters about the outrage for flying flags at half mast for Whitney Houston!  Really that honor to, us anyway is reserved for American Hero's and tragic events to befall our country! Not pop stars or any stars for that matter! People die everyday! People die in fear & panic each day!People die in pain from disease each day!  Children die from neglect & abuse each day! The list goes on... our country's flag is not flown at half mast in honor of them! Who the hell is she to receive such honor? A singer an actress an pop icon - so what?! These traits do not make her any more special then any other American who also struggle the adversity, over come trials, pay taxes! this is a disgrace!

Did chivalry die a natural death?

Is chivalry dead we wonder? There is a rare occasion where we come across a gentleman anymore. In experience we have been lucky enough to have been in the company of  men who have manners and respect.  But we have noticed that these men are few and far between. Think about it, when was the last time you(men) held a door open, when was the we(women) have seen a man open the door for a woman?  Stop his daily routine to carry a bag or assist a lady in some way? Given up a seat? Is this because chivalry is dead, that over time these simple gestures have gone untaught or unnoticed by youth and have been lost then to just a few?

 Or is it that as women we are so insistent on being equals that we no longer expect these behaviors from our men, so they don't put forth the effort. Do we then as women negate men who are truly helpful, thinking they have an angle and are expecting something in return. Really when was the last time we(women) waited by the car, to give our dates/partners the chance to open the door. Expected to be helped, instead of just doing it ourselves. I myself am guilty of this, would I love my husband to open a door for me yes, am i going to wait most likely not. Have we as women said "I got it" way to many times, that our counterparts no longer see themselves needed.

Men,  we do love the qualities! Be consistant, lead by example, and INSIST on get the door, she'll love you more for it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warning!!! Controversy Ahead.

Valentines day has now passed and the topic of  mistress' and lovers had entered our scope of conversation yesterday. So lets hash this out.  There is a negative stigma to having a love affair or a partner outside of your marriage or relationship, but lets look at this from another angle. The question is raised could there be some benefit to having a close secondary relationship. Think about how quickly and innocently one of these relationships can develop.  Many of us probably have one and don't even realize it or the impact it has on the primary relationship (marriage etc).

Affair is a sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or
passionate attachment between two people.

A secondary relationship or what some would dub an affair does not have to be physical.  It can be emotional or even spiritual. It doesn't even have to be with the opposite sex. So we would ask do you have a work wife? Work husband? A best friend? Someone you haven't even met? Now a days we've all made online friends. Someone you tell secrets or discuss important decisions or feelings with? Someone you depend on, count on, cant wait to see, or think about when not together? Is there one person you call when you have big news because you know that they will appreciate all you have to say? Is there a person other then your spouse or significant other who's also not your mother who brings a smile to your face, and knows all your favorite things? Guess what... your may be having an affair! Gasp! Shock!

For some an affair or what can be called a secondary relationship can possibly help your primary relationship. It is possible, to have a sustainable, long lasting and happy primary relationship, because the person in the secondary is providing an outlet for frustration, giving support, supplying comfort that would other wise bring stress to the primary relationship. The exchange of these emotions with someone else does not mean that there is any less love for their spouse. Of course some would argue that you should look to you primary partner for all these things and emotions. That may be right, wrong, half way right. Every relationship is different and can handle different forms of strain. It does not mean you love you spouse any less, if you lean on someone else for things you know they would not understand.

For example, a man's buddies, this really is a form of an affair between men who are not in love or having sex but are sharing a mutual passion for something their wives are not apart of or care to be apart of or know anything about.  Surely in these gatherings there are conversations of concerning matters that might never hit the ears of their wives?  Women with their girlfriends, is another form of an affair, they may discuss, complain about your husband. They give your comfort and support, and put you in a better place when you go home to your significant other.

We know this will ruffle lots of feathers, but it supposed to. But we hope you thinking and talking.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So he saw his shadow

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, so this would lead us to believe we should be expecting 6 more weeks of winter .  But wait... when exactly did winter show up?  For us not living in the frozen tundra we have for the most part been experiencing above average temperatures.  Lets talk about that!  Is any one else worried?  Everyone is enjoying these great temperatures and rightly so. It feels like spring out, the squirrels are going nuts. This mild weather makes people happy! That's great! But I  bet Al Gore is somewhere saying I told your asses the weather was gonna be affected by this global warming issue, but don't mind me! We seem to have been ignoring this (or at least the normal everyday let me rush through my day people.)  We don't want to be alarmist and were not crazy but wasn't it this time last year all of the Northeast was buried in snow and ice?  We're a bit concerned.  I mean if the earth is evolving (which really cant be disputed considering earthquakes & volcanic eruptions have been happening for what seems regularly) then this unseasonably mild weather would lead us, anyway, to be wondering is it possible for us to have snow in June? Could our weather pattern also be evolving to keep up with our changing world?  I'm a little more concerned about this than the freaking groundhog. Really does anyone plan their life by his predictions.  The weather people can't get it right either.  Plus do they pull this guy outta his hole, or does he emerge on his own? No they pull him out! That's quite rude! Of course he wants to go back in the hole!  Lets think about this for a minute why is this done at sunrise? We don't think the sun was up when he came out and were on the east coast too! it was still dark outside my window. Shouldn't this be at least done at noon! But if we really want to take a hint from animals how about the hybrid shark's, the Polar Bears mating with Grizzles, they are changing, becoming better equipped to deal with the changes to come.