Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did chivalry die a natural death?

Is chivalry dead we wonder? There is a rare occasion where we come across a gentleman anymore. In experience we have been lucky enough to have been in the company of  men who have manners and respect.  But we have noticed that these men are few and far between. Think about it, when was the last time you(men) held a door open, when was the we(women) have seen a man open the door for a woman?  Stop his daily routine to carry a bag or assist a lady in some way? Given up a seat? Is this because chivalry is dead, that over time these simple gestures have gone untaught or unnoticed by youth and have been lost then to just a few?

 Or is it that as women we are so insistent on being equals that we no longer expect these behaviors from our men, so they don't put forth the effort. Do we then as women negate men who are truly helpful, thinking they have an angle and are expecting something in return. Really when was the last time we(women) waited by the car, to give our dates/partners the chance to open the door. Expected to be helped, instead of just doing it ourselves. I myself am guilty of this, would I love my husband to open a door for me yes, am i going to wait most likely not. Have we as women said "I got it" way to many times, that our counterparts no longer see themselves needed.

Men,  we do love the qualities! Be consistant, lead by example, and INSIST on get the door, she'll love you more for it!

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