Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 7 and 8 are we done yet!

OK so day seven, was not great. While stir fry was on the menu for us, others in our family had....steak covered in A1 sauce, baked potatos, smoothed in butter, and ice cream cake. Yesterday was very unsatisfying. We had, fruit for breakfast, quick salads for lunch, stir fry for dinner and our 2 shakes were made with mixed berries.

Oh day 8, still feeling dissatisfied. Nothing is filling. We are counting down the days till 11. When we can have some meat, yayyyy meat. The more we think about foods we can't have the more we want them, the list is long. We need to get over this hump.

Today We are Having
8:30 Fruit
10:30 SP Complete Shake made with pineapple
12:30 Salad
5:00 Dinner, grilled eggplant and mixed veggies
7:30 SP Complete shake Made with fruit

Snacking on fruits and veggies through out the day, and pleanty of water

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