Thursday, February 2, 2012

So he saw his shadow

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, so this would lead us to believe we should be expecting 6 more weeks of winter .  But wait... when exactly did winter show up?  For us not living in the frozen tundra we have for the most part been experiencing above average temperatures.  Lets talk about that!  Is any one else worried?  Everyone is enjoying these great temperatures and rightly so. It feels like spring out, the squirrels are going nuts. This mild weather makes people happy! That's great! But I  bet Al Gore is somewhere saying I told your asses the weather was gonna be affected by this global warming issue, but don't mind me! We seem to have been ignoring this (or at least the normal everyday let me rush through my day people.)  We don't want to be alarmist and were not crazy but wasn't it this time last year all of the Northeast was buried in snow and ice?  We're a bit concerned.  I mean if the earth is evolving (which really cant be disputed considering earthquakes & volcanic eruptions have been happening for what seems regularly) then this unseasonably mild weather would lead us, anyway, to be wondering is it possible for us to have snow in June? Could our weather pattern also be evolving to keep up with our changing world?  I'm a little more concerned about this than the freaking groundhog. Really does anyone plan their life by his predictions.  The weather people can't get it right either.  Plus do they pull this guy outta his hole, or does he emerge on his own? No they pull him out! That's quite rude! Of course he wants to go back in the hole!  Lets think about this for a minute why is this done at sunrise? We don't think the sun was up when he came out and were on the east coast too! it was still dark outside my window. Shouldn't this be at least done at noon! But if we really want to take a hint from animals how about the hybrid shark's, the Polar Bears mating with Grizzles, they are changing, becoming better equipped to deal with the changes to come.

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