Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 2 is not pretty!

So we usually write as one entity, but today we are very much in different places. One of us feels great, has energy, is bouncy, and a spruce in her step. The other, not so good, grumpy, sick, and not fit for company. They (the docs) say by day 3 all should be good, and our bodies will be well on its way to healthier women.

What we ate:
  8:30: Apple, grapes, strawberries
11:30: SP Complete Shake- made with pineapple and mango
  1:30: Cut Carrots and Celery
  4:30: SP Complete Shake- made with mixed berries
  6:00: Ratatouille
  8:00: SP Complete Shake- made with fruit

Side note, we snacked on veggies during the larger time gaps, and drank lot and lots of water.

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