Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Boy It's Day 5

This morning the scale was calling and one of us succumbed and then didn't even believe it. It was like taking a pregnancy test, you get the + but go back three times to make sure. The scale was not lying 10 pounds lighter, it was moved around the room, to make sure the floor was not affecting the results, and guess what it wasn't! So far we are being affected differently, we are both getting full nights sleep, that is a good.  The bad thing is getting up before the alarm!!! One of us is a bit deficient in something as they tried to put the frozen vegetables in the cabinet.  That was hysterical.  We seem to be accomplishing more in a day too.  7 more days till we can eat some MEAT!!! Oh the meat - what will it be?? there's so many choices!!! 

Today We Had:
  8:00 Canary Melon
11:00 SP Complete Shake- made with mixed berries
12:30 Kale Soup
  4:30 SP Complete Shake- made with frozen pineapple
  6:30 Spaghetti Squash with garlic and oil

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