Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednsday

So we did as all good Catholic Hypocrites do and we got our ashes this morning AND we got Communion too! NO we are not the larger Catholic hypocrites who only go to church on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter & Christmas and then talk so above ourselves. We actually do go every week!

Here's our frustration today, were taught that we need to pray in silence & in private. Not to boast about alms giving etc... But were supposed to walk around the whole day with a stamp on our head that announces HEY OVER HERE WERE CATHOLIC SEE WE WENT TO CHURCH TODAY! This is such a contradiction! And why do we make lent a big deal, we should have these behaviors all year long!

We do agree it’s not necessary to boast about alms giving or anything for that matter, it’s called being humble and boasting only makes you pompous anyway no one wants to hear you go about making yourself bigger then you are for your oneself purpose.

The gospel today said do not pray in public like the hypocrites! Which hypocrites is it that we speak of the Muslims who stop whatever they do at certain point of the day to pray? We think this is more devotion the hypocrisy!

When the ashes were placed on our heads the priest said 'Repent & believe in the Gospel'. Which gospel is it that you are referring? The ones only in the bible? Well that's selective don't you think? If you listen to anything in some other gospels that have been written that did not make it into 'The Bible', you'd find there’s a bit more to think about and believe then what were initially taught.

The homily today was fantastic, but really teachings the 'ideas' of lent should be carried the whole year through. Just as the 'spirit of Christmas' is a feeling we should have the whole year too!

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