Saturday, April 21, 2012

S - Stress & ......Sex

Stress - one of the most undesirable parts of life. Who wants it? - We don't think any one just raised their hands!

Stress at work.  Am i doing well? How can I do better? I have to do better! I need to only bring positive attention to myself! Not to mention the jerks you have to work with that makes every day easy stuff, hard! How did these people get hired? And management! Yikes! If your burdened with a crap manager, we send you lots of hugs. We hate management that bully's, scares and pressures employees for production.  Don't these people know that stress breeds cranky, and that in most cases produces the exact opposite results.  Management is supposed to guide, support, and encourage! This breeds happy, happy employees = productive employees, or at least this has been our experience. 

Stress at home.  This really stems from time management, playing chauffeur, head chef, maid, mom, wife or husband the list goes on. We don't know anyone who doesn't have to play this weekly game ( its so much fun NOT), lets not forget lack of sex. Lack of sex usually comes from exhaustion and just being unhappy & STRESSED. 

Sex- one of the most desirable parts of life. Who wants it?  We can just see all the hands that went up, ours did!

Our solution or potential solution- SEX! What will be, will be! Move with the flow of the stream of life, we're not Salmon, you can't and shouldn't swim against the current.  Trust that your exactly where you're meant to be at this exact moment. So have sex, lots of sex, as much as you can, wherever you can, if you're brave.
The act relaxes you, revitalises you, makes everyone involved happy.... and we already said happy breeds happy. One of us is super happy, and de-stressed on a regular basis, but this is not possible for everyone for example the other half of this duo, the widow who had a very regular sex life has now been with out for about 17 months that's approximately 510 days ahhhhh - (well at least not physical sex or affection of any kind but that's another story).  So you gotta at least get off how ever you can to release some endorphins. Some suggestions are get an adjustment, a massage, a bob (battery operated boyfriend), something.  

Stress is all in perspective you can have it and multiply it or wooosaaaa - and send it packing!

We also just want to mention that snarky is just such a great  S word - but there's not too much to say about it! Plus we said we would write about stress or sex, so we gave you all both.

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