Friday, April 27, 2012

X - Xanax a funny story.

Now you may have noticed we have a matter with the FDA & Big Pharma.  Our frustration mainly stems from chemically made drugs not antibiotics.  The conspiracy between pharmaceutical and doctors to write one drug over one that would be better less addicting less side effects over another.  That's another rant for another day.

Today were gonna rant & rave for xanax!  if you haven't taken this wonderful make the world better feel good drug, you should try it.  Did we just advocate taking drugs? NO you should not try it as unless under the supervision of your doctor, as it may be habit forming and harmful (there is our disclaimer).

That said if you find yourself under a great deal of stress full of anxiety panic and irritability and cannot access any marijuana, tell your doctor and they may script you xanax.  Neither of us have ever attempted ANY street drugs and xanax has only entered into our world when Michelle's husbands illness started to get progressively worse. 

Michelle's Funny Story:
I remember my first dose of xanax, ( you should not take drugs prescribed for anyone else and we don't recommend this but here's what happened).  My husband had just been admitted again. We had been on this ridiculous roller coster and I had a headache brewing that ran out of control.  Tylenol & Excedrin had not made a dent in the migraine that was taking me over.  After sleeping in a recliner beside my guy all night I woke up and had to vomit in the hospital bathroom.  My hubby the prince he is, then got himself outta his hospital bed and sat in the recliner while he was being transfused so that I could lay down and get the proper rest to rid myself of my incapacitation. 

As I lay in his bed as if I were the patient dying ( and that's exactly how i felt) and he sit in the chair like the doting caregiver support person, chipper, awake and watching TV like all would be just fine, in walks his mother, aunt and grandmother.  As this unfolds I think in my head, 'Jesus Christ'! really just who I need and just who I want to see me in bed while he's sick with cancer, this couldn't get worse. 

Of course the comments did fly, they can't help themselves.  "I thought he was the patient?" " I thought he was the sick one?"  Go f**k yourselves was the answer I wanted to fling back but didn't have it in me.  I never do when it comes to them I need to grow a set, but lets not get away from the story. 

After seeing me completely useless to their son, nephew, grandson, the attitude did change a bit to concern.  His aunt mentioned xanax that I should take one it'll get rid of my headache and get me back functioning.  His mother happened to have one on her.  They insisted I take it and I did and they left so we could rest.  After the pill was already down my throat and they were out the door my guy then turns to me and says "i really hope that was a xanax my mother gave you and she didn't give you something to kill ya!" 

Awe sweet! yeah I know - too bad he didn't think of that before i swallowed it!

None the less it took about a half hour and I felt tremendously better! Wondrous little drugs those xanax are!  Now I have a script but good for me I'm not an addict and only need one maybe once every two weeks when a panic about life in general sets in, or and extreme sadness comes over me. 

There you go our rant about xanax - hope you had a laugh.  We laughed and cried a bit while writing it! :-)


  1. It sounds like something out of a sitcom (except for the cancer part - so sorry).

  2. Found you through A-Z. Can't believe we're almost done! Take care.

  3. Oh yes. This made me laugh. The bit about your husband giving you his bed. That's priceless.