Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C - Children

Were quite certain that were not alone when we say what the heck is wrong with kids these days!? Better still whats wrong with the parents of these kids!?  Now were not saying our children are perfect but we do want to take a moment and rant about others children and their bad habits we cant control.

Sometimes we wish we could be 7 again, just to be able to teach a thing or two to some wise mouth little snot noses! Perhaps give them a beating too!

We try very hard to hold our children and ourselves to a high standard.  Be polite, courteous, helpful, respectful, strong, caring, to stand up for themselves and others, and to set an example.  Move out of the street when a car is coming, pick the kid everyone else would pick last, first, not to pick on friends. 

How do children now get away with yelling at strangers, older or younger then them?  How do young boys not know when to stop annoying the girls?  How do elementary school kids not know when they are hurting someones feelings?

These are not traits learned in school, these are traits learned or at least not corrected at home!  Enough is enough! We understand we cant raise or police every one's children but come on... these trouble makers do effect the good ones! 

Its been our experience, and there are exceptions to this but for the most part if the parents are non productive members of society, or not respectful, kind, polite, caring, then their offspring wont show these traits either. 

We teach our kids that if you show others kindness they will learn to show it in return.  This is not always true, especially when you have no choice but to interact with losers.  - this really is a rant :-)


  1. I'm stopping by from the A-Z! Kids definitely need good examples.

  2. I'm here from AtoZ! Great post! Fewer and fewer kids have a good example.