Monday, April 16, 2012

N - Nasty on a nice day

  Sometimes when I wake up I have a short moment when my reality is blurred. Some days I think my husband is still alive some days I think its Friday when its Monday silly things like that.  I had one of those reality checks this morning.  As I lay in bed I hear the weather channels local on the 8s report that we expect plentiful sunshine, warm high 88 degrees. Question, you think that's a real mans voice or a computer generated one? Anyways, I thought for a moment are they on summer vacation, why did I waste a perfectly good morning to sleep in by setting the alarm clock! i patiently waited again for another 10 minutes to hear the forecast again. Yep 88 degrees and nope not on summer vacation. To put that into perspective on 2007 we had 10 inches of snow on this day.  As I stretched I thought in my mind all my plans for the day.  I can't even remember what they were now, because as soon as my feet hit the floor for some reason misery kicked in.  I dunno why either. Typically people say a sunny day brings out sunny people.  Nope not here, not today.  Neither of us were in a decent mood. We were for some reason both frumpy, nasty, cranky, cloudy, moody, all day! We did go for a walk first thing after our kiddlets caught the bus ( they didn't actually catch it that would be dangerous but you get what we mean ). The scene was beautiful, birds swooping past us and chirping away, butterflies flitting all about, squirrels hopping through yards, deer strolling along. It was peaceful, quite, but for some reason didn't fix the mood. 

Still dunno why we both felt so nasty on such a nice day, but here's hoping tomorrow is much better.

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