Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q - Questions - Funny ones our kids ask!

Mommy Why?

The grass is wet! Is it the tree's saliva? (it's morning dew)

Mommy, why is it so soggy in here? ( the windows were fogged & sweating )

Mommy, whats the biggest fish? I don't know.  Can you look it up in that big book? Which big book? The you know the bible! (  I think that meant encyclopedia )

Mommy, do Mommies lay eggs to have their babies?

Mommy, why is a giraffe's tongue black?

Do girls pee from their butts, since they sit down?

Mommy, how come i can't have wine? Jesus did.

Mommy, are we going to need a boat like Noah? The news said there is going to be a flood.

Mommy, how come you have to put the car in "D" to make it move? Doesn't go start with "G"!!

Mommy, who's Howard?  ( Howard be thy name! )

Mommy, why are we up? It's still dark outside!

Why are elves ears pointy?

Do brown cows really make chocolate milk? Grandpa says they make chocolate milk!

Is that Jesus' mother singing up in the balcony?

Mommy, how can I talk to someone all the way over here and hear them right away on the phone?

Mommy, how come you have to put a K in front of nife? This makes no sense!

There are countless more!  They make any day better! Share with us some of the funny questions you have had to answer.


  1. "Howard be thy name." ~chortle~ that's awesome. :) And I love the question about Jesus drinking wine!

  2. "If you put each foot in a bucket and then pick the buckets up by the handles you can fly" - Something that a very young and inocent me was once assured was true by my Great great grandfather.