Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P- Procrastination

Procrastination - We are kinda big on this, though really are awesome planners things still somehow are done at the last minute.  Even this post its 9:08pm and were just getting to it.  Mean while all day we have done nothing but rant about people complaining about their problems and that they really should give it up already.  Come on, if your complaining about the same 'problems' more then twice a week, FYI, everyone is probably tired of hearing about it as they too have likely the same problems.  Hating their spouse for the day, trying to manage finances, car trouble, their job sucks, it goes on. 

Remember there are people with serious issues, real problems, like ummm ... being homeless, being homeless with their kids, not having food in the fridge or closet, being just hit with a natural disaster, fighting a life threatening disease.  Really compared with real issues, having to have to drive through traffic from construction on your morning drive to work is a walk in the park!

We are the first to say everyone is entitled to your day to complain- we are "ranters" - but check yourself every once in a while, is all were saying.

Back to procrastination, we have discussed topics all day to write about, patience.  One of us has NONE! In fact one of the last things my husband said to my mother, while he was in hospice was that I have no patience.  Really I go from zero to a thousand, yes a thousand in less then a second OK maybe 5 seconds but I definitely over shoot 100!!! Ive been workin on it- for the last 17 years or so now.

And again back to procrastination, see this is what happens we put things off and put things off and get distracted and put things off and get lazy and put things off and decide oh lets watch Mob Wives before we have to get the kids, and then now its 9:19pm and we have just actually discussed procrastination. 

Done! Good night!


  1. Procrastination is such a good 'p' topic! Who hasn't suffered from it at some point? I seem to battle with it daily at the moment!

  2. I'll come back later and leave a longer comment. Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow.


    1. ha that was great! very funny, cant stop laughing!! thank you :-)

  3. haha yeah everyone can check themselves--it never hurts does it--new reader--i enjoyed your ranting