Friday, April 13, 2012

L- Legalizing Drugs

Legalizing drugs has been a hot topic for years.
To be clear we've ever done any illegal drug ever. One of us has never even been drunk. Sad we know but that's not our topic today.

Really we could give a flying fig if anyone wants gets high. What is it any of our business unless of course you live in our home or you are our kids. Other then that go ahead get as high as a kite if you like.

If the government would legalize drugs in our opinion it could actually improve a lot of crime and pull us outta our financial hole the government put us in. Think about it. People are gonna buy drugs legal or not. The money that is spent on illegal drugs is not taxed.

So should someone want to buy marijuana, cocaine, meth whatever let them and have them pay taxes just like on alcohol and tobacco.  Like the FDA really gives a shit about people taking illegal drugs. They approve pharmaceuticals with side-effects and that are potentially deadly all the time! There should be a data base where you have to sign your name each time you make a purchase just like when you pick up your perceptions at the pharmacy. When you have reached a certain level each week or month you'll be cut off just as when you've drank too much at a bar.

This should also reduce street related drug crimes cause they can't push the stuff on the street so they can't shoot each other over it. I'm sure they'll find another reason to kill each other but drugs won't be it.

It will create jobs and generate more tax revenue. It's not like it will put Big Pharma outta business either since they would need some of the drugs they make anyway to make the illegal stuff.

Really think that congress should look into it.  If we were running this would definitely be on our agenda! :-)                       

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  1. I don't know. I have thought about this issue any different times. There is a status quo where alcohol is concerned. I wouldn't want to buck that. And, marijuana to the best of my knowledge, has never caused anyone to overdose and die. Alcohol has. And marijuana has a documented positive medicinal use. I can't wrap my head around a good enough reason why it shouldn't be legalized--except that it is so easy to grow that anyone can do it--and the government can't figure out how to regulate it and get their tax money out of it. I don't use it. But it really makes me angry that people living in chronic pain can't get it legally. That chemo users can';t get it to alleviate their nausea. When the big pharmas and the gov. figure out how to control all of the money, then we will have it. *sigh* As for the other drugs--the harsher drugs... I don't like them. People die using them. I think we need to take the resources we use to enforce anti-marijauna laws and direct it toward the rest. I really don't think that marijuana is a gateway drug. Poppycock.

    Good luck with the A to Z-ing. :-)