Friday, April 6, 2012

Friends' a F word

With Facebook being the second most used F word, we all have lots and lots of "Friends".  For me a friend is someone whom you can call at 3am when you need a boost, knowing that they will climb out of their warm beds to help you.

Friendships flow and change into what you need them to be. Friends don't need to see you to think about you or have a conversation everyday to pick right up where you left off.  Sometimes however the friends you think would be at your side through the worst of trials end up falling short of expectation. Surprisingly people who never enter your realm of consciousness, who you never give second thought to, who you don't think of at all ever -  will sometimes step to the plate and rise to the occasion and BAM new friendships are born. 

It really does not matter the length of a friendship, some last for years and years and others are just a blip in your life, but all of them have changed us.  Every person in our life has been put there for a specific purpose. A true friend will let you vent, and take all your abuse you may have to give for the day if only for the sake of helping you get through it.  Likewise a true friend will put you in your place if your behavior gets a bit outta control.  And a true friend will still give you a hug sit and have coffee with you no matter the days events. 


  1. I agree that lengths of friendships don't seem to matter, it's the quality that does. I have some friends that I've known for years, and some I've known for months.
    Fellow A-Zer:

  2. one of the things I love about long time friends is not having to explain family connections - you can simply cut to the chase -
    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters